What’s Fermenting?

Bringing back some basic Kombucha after an 11 year hiatus and now with a tepache friend


I make pickles and kimchi. Does that count?

of course! teach me how to kimchi properly! i miss it so much, we lived by k town for 5 years… and yesterday, for the first time in 3 years my lady brought home a goodie back from HK market and the kimchi was a revelation


Here’s what I do, based on couple of recipes (Maangchi’s, et al.) and a workshop I attended:

Rinse a head of Napa cabbage and generously sprinkle salt between all the leaves. Place in a bowl, cover, and let sit for 1-2 hours. Rinse several times.

Make a pepper paste by pureeing 1/2 a peeled Asian pear, 1” ginger, 2 hot red peppers and 3 cloves garlic.

With gloves on, mix together

1 c daikon cut in matchsticks

1 c chives cut in 1/2” pieces

2 tbs fish sauce

2 tbs salted shrimp (saeujeot 새우젓)

pepper paste

1/2 c red pepper powder (gochugaru 태양초)

and spread between all the leaves of the cabbage. Fold the leaves down around each other and pack the cabbage tightly into a glass jar with a plastic lid. Top with any remaining sauce, cover and leave at room temperature for 24 hours, until it bubbles slightly. Move to the fridge.


Fun topic! I haven’t been following/posting on the Home Cooking board but I think I’ll start…I make kimchi with a similar recipe and it never fails. I have some in my fridge that’s a year old! Still great; soft in texture, very tart, good in soups at this stage. As a Thanksgiving appetizer I made "kimchi gazpacho’–a standard gazpacho Andaluz recipe minus bell peppers with the addition of the sour kimchi and its brine. It was a huge hit.


I finally made some and it’s really good! I’m bout sure if there’s a need to make the gojuchang from scratch because how well it came out with store bought