What the best pop it yourself popcorn at the grocery store?

Orville? No microwave crap,

I don’t eat much popcorn, but recently got some Bob’s Red Mill; some markets carry it. A lot of leftover unpopped corn and the ones that do pop are kind of small.

I prefer Orville.

Bulk section, if the turnover is high.

Orville is the best I’ve tried.

The popcorn tastes great and pops really well. My only complaint is that it’s a little chewy. I haven’t figured out how to remedy that.

I think chewiness depends on the variety of corn used.

I’ve heard that letting it sit and dry out a bit can help, but I’ve never been able to keep the kids away long enough.

you mean letting it sit out after you pop it?

I had some of Bob’s Red mill, thought I was being all fancy, ish was horrible.

Yes. I forget where I read it. It may have been that other food board.

I think popcorn that sits around doesn’t dry out but more the opposite, it picks up moisture from the air and gets mushy.

If you want it less crunchy, try different varieties. Some are softer than others.

I use the local store brand. Much better than Orville, although Orville isn’t too bad. I like mine light and crisp. And I always choose white.

I think the OP wants it more crunchy, less chewy.