What the fuck are you all even talking about: threat or menace?

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Science has nothing to do with looking (and blindly believing) on the outliers while ignoring all other data.
There are books telling you that the earth is flat - I guess based on your many “intelligent” comments that would also means that there is “enough” science that the earth is indeed flat.
And it is no surprise that Ian Miller is also not supporting covid vaccines


Brownstone institute seems to be run by Covid deniers.

Feel free to google but I don’t want to link to that trash.


I, too, believe in science.


I also vet my sources very carefully.


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Just to clarify on thread, @PeonyWarrior posted a photo of a book called Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates by Ian Miller with a quote that was something to the effect that he (Warrior) “believes in science”.

Perusing Google and Twitter Ian Miller and Brownstone Institute (which Ian represents) are both covid denier mouthpieces.


For the record, I was appropriately responding to a personal attack that I believe a bunch of “nonsense,” a gratuitous, off-topic insult that presumably referred back to my views on Covid mask mandates. I have no political agenda. I just review the facts available and make my own assessment. The idea that mask mandates don’t work is not an extreme or outlier view, and it is not “nonsense.” It reminds me of smug Californians talking about social justice when Skid Row.

As Dr. Shira Doron, an epidemiologist at Tufts Medical Center, puts it, “It is simultaneously true that masks work and mask mandates do not work.”


Four COVID experts say it’s time to accept reality: Vaccines work, mask mandates don’t

In the Era of Omicron, Mask Mandates Aren’t Working. Vaccines Are??

“At this stage of the pandemic, Dr. Jeanne Noble, an emergency care physician and director of COVID-19 response at UCSF, said mandates are counterproductive.” “COVID is endemic and will continue to ebb and flow with or without mandates. As the entire population acquires natural or hybrid immunity, the peaks will become less and less noteworthy, a process which is already well underway,” she told Healthline.

“Most well-done studies evaluating mask mandates do not show an association between mask mandates and the containment of spread or hospitalizations,” said [Dr. Monica Gandhi of UCSF.

Masks work - mask mandates do not work at this stage in the pandemic – according to some medical experts.

The head of epidemiology at UC Berkeley, Dr. Arthur Reingold, said, “People often wear poor-quality masks, number one, and perhaps even more important they don’t wear the mask correctly.” Dr Reingold said. “I’ve sat in airports the last few months and watch people walk by with masks over their chins, many more with masks over their mouth, but not covering their nose… it’s not surprising that in the real world, masks don’t work as well as they do in the laboratory. I don’t think we’re prepared to enforce mask mandates in a way that makes mandates effective.

Mask mandates work in places where people trust public health officials, those officials know how to communicate with the public, that communication is not undermined by antisocial politicians and other public figures, and people consequently recognize that they’re wearing masks to protect each other.


Ironically, I would support a China-style enforced lockdown / mask regime, because that has been proven to work.

China’s policies are self-destructive overkill, lots of unnecessary social and economic damage due to lockdowns when the right masking policies would be just as effective. Plus they waste lots of resources on pointless and sometimes harmful disinfection.

Mask mandates are effective if they’re actually mandatory, that is, enforced. “Mandate” isn’t really the right word for the American approach.


Yep - mask mandates are without doubt successful if enforced (which never happened in the US during the last 2.5 years (which make such “scientific” books even more laughable


That has been my whole point all along? Peony uses the term “half-assed” to describe the implementation of the public health policies.

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“People don’t take effective measures, even when we tell them. So they believe the measures don’t work. Better do nothing….”


Respectfully, if that’s been your point, I don’t think I’m the only one who missed it. The referncing IanM and railing against Ferrer made me think otherwise. Sorry if that’s guilt by association, I don’t mean that to impugn you, but that nuance was lost on me.

EDIT: Talking about mask mandates pre and post Omicron are different propositions. As are debating them in theory and in practice.


You are just distracting - your “scientific” book is not about “half-assed” implementation but that mask (mandates) in general don’t work which is well disbunked. Your author is a big proponent of the Great Barrington Declaration which is anti-science as possible. At least stand behind your “science” and don’t flip-flop when you have no facts (which happens always very fast)


I didn’t intend to buy the book — I started laughing when it came from Amazon. That’s what happens when you drink a bottle of wine a night.

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Yeah, sure, that’s exactly what the comment (and many other comments on other threads) show about you - just laughing about the book. Have at least some spine and don’t desperately try to change your narrative.


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