What they're saying about us on Mouthfuls

I’m down with giving Discourse a trial period. But I do like both the layout and the pre-existing vibe and community on Mouthfuls.

There’s even a three page thread there about the demise of CH, which I think you’ll all find interesting:


The concern is that there are those of us here who have had rather negative experiences with mouthful.com in the past.

That’s fair enough, and duly noted.

I only skimmed through some of the posts on that thread (I have no experience w/ it otherwise)… And I don’t think the vibe of the place is for me, personally. But I respect that others may feel differently.

Wow, no. When I first looked at it, the thread was only three pages. It’s now 7, and has turned mostly into snickering at how we flounced because we’re unable or unwilling to learn the new site’s functionality or read the FAQ, and how they’re certain we’ll be back there once we’ve settled down.

FWIW, the equivalent thread on eGullet is much more civilized.


Yeah, they didn’t let me register to respond to negative comments made about me.

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@linus checking out the user “tag” function.

0 fuks given about mouthfuls. also, can’t get gavitar (nor uploaded) profile pic to load. what’s up.

lthforum was one of the greatest things to have ever come out of chowhound split. this software is da BOMB.

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that was a mistake on the part of sneakeater, a nice moderator (which he regrets). Try again, please. They want you.

Most of that is Lex for some reason obsessed with establishing his superiority at adapting to new software.
In other threads, he insists on the superiority of android phones over iPhones. Not too many agree with him.
But he’s a decent guy.

Well, you could takeover some West Coast threads and establish you own kingdom (or, Queendom).

Hi. I appreciate being called “nice” (it doesn’t happen often enough).

I was a moderator of Mouthfuls at the time of David’s apparently unsuccessful attempts to sign up, and remain a moderator now.

I would like to assure you all that MOUTHFULS DOES NOT ENGAGE IN CONTENT/IDENTITY SCREENING FOR NEW MEMBERS. (If you look at Mouthfuls, you’ll see that nobody ever agrees with anybody anyway – so it’s hard to see what opinions we’d exclude.) We do engage in “bot” screening – where we try to weed out email addresses that don’t look like they’re from real people – which I now see has been done overzealously. I can assure David that he was not excluded intentionally based on who he is. To the contrary, based on who he is, we’d have been delighted to have him!

I understand that you have no reason to believe me about this. So here’s what I’ll tell you: review the Mouthfuls thread where David’s views were discussed. You’ll see that the trend of opinion on that thread favored David and disfavored the regular Mouthfuls poster who disagreed with him. With most posters their supporting David’s position, why would we intentionally exclude him?

I understand that David may no longer want anything to do with us over at MF. But, if has any interest at all in participating, I urge him – and in fact all of you – to reapply. I can promise we’ll be expediting the application process this week, and will be much less strict in our “bot” screening.

Having said that, I would also encourage you all not to jump ship off CH yet. I have a feeling the new format won’t seem so bad if you give it a chance.

I wanted to also post the foregoing in the CH threads where this has come up – but ironically, under the new format, I can’t figure out how to post anything in that “community”!

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Thanks for explaining. The exodus is really about a lot more than the new format. That, and the developers’ response (or lack thereof) to user concerns was just the last straw.

[quote=“Sneakeater, post:11, topic:50, full:true”]Having said that, I would also encourage you all not to jump ship off CH yet. I have a feeling the new format won’t seem so bad if you give it a chance.
F that noise. F marssy, F CBS interactive. F this gal who utterly F’d up on the new GUI. F this BA IT guy who thinks he did Chowhound "f"oodies a favor. Basically, F all y’all.

LTHforum gave up on Chowhound in '07, and it became a bundle of amazeballs; ended up being the forum for multiple JBFA winners. When was the last time CH spawned a James Beard? NEVAR.

NB. Mouthfull, at least get your logo to have a transparent background. Srsly, it’s 2015, not 1995.

On Moutfhuls, I often think it’s more like 1975.

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Seriously, what I personally like about Mouthfuls is that nobody pays attention to shit like whether our physical format lives up to current styles. It’s all about discussion – nothing more. I can see how some people would find that tiresome.

[quote=“Sneakeater, post:16, topic:50, full:true”]I can see how some people would find that tiresome.
[/quote]replace with “lazy”.

I’m OK with mouthful being all bout that New York life. And PDX food forum being all about the weird, and LTHforum all about the Great Lakes, and this new badass discoursre forum all about the left coast*.

Somebody just has to save Austin and Pensacola. And the Boca Raton deli life.

*cuz biggie vs tupac.

As for the Boca Raton deli life, if only my parents were still alive . . . .

I can’t say that I disagree with some of the sentiments that were expressed. I did think it got rather out of hand with the whining and bitching by everyone.

@TonyC Yay! Good to see you here