What to do with an overtly sweet onion salad dressing?

Bought a super sweet onion salad dressing from Sprouts, and I have no idea how to repurpose in order to get rid of the bottle. I’ve been using it for salads while adding a $hit ton of Feta cheese to balance out the sweet. I’m thinking of using it for a marinade but need a salty element to balance it out. Any ideas on how to get rid of this bottle of salad dressing?

I’d just toss it. I hate wasting money, but better to cut your losses than to spend more money making it edible.

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Maybe a generous dash of black pepper and/or red chili flakes and some balsamic?

Combine with fish sauce or soy sauce. Or both.

You now have a pseudo Teriyaki sauce.

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Thanks, ipse. Worked like a charm…and helped clear almost half the bottle.