What to do with duck crackling?

I have a fairly substantial amount. Any suggestions of what to do with it other than just eating it like chicharrones?

I don’t have the recipe but my mom has this old cookbook from Puebla Mx hat has a guacamole which has a huge amount of chicarrones ground and mixed in. Doesn’t hold up for long periods of time but is really good.

Something like that might be fun to try

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Do you have any leftover duck meat? You could make a duck version of the Ken2 Salad at Aburiya Raku. They put crackling on it.

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No meat left. I’m thinking maybe grind it up and sprinkle on pasta.

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Good… like duck crackling breadcrumbs?

Yeah, like Sicilians do with toasted breadcrumbs.

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I like pasta with breadcrumbs. Ground crackling is even better.

Fried rice.

Also, add to tofu curry.

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DCLT … duck crackling lettuce tomato


I got it: duck crackling carbonara.

Now I wish I’d hung on to more of the fat. I guess I can substitute goose fat.


we use cracklings in a lot of dry noodles (sapp’s jade noodle for example) as a topping.

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I think that’s exactly where I got the idea.

That’s a good idea!

Something like this with a duck fat mayo sounds good to me. Maybe some lightly oven dried tomatoes if really good tomatoes aren’t to be found.


It’s great for stuffing into sausages