What to do with this Tumeric?

How do I use this? boil it? make tea. blend it up. They are hard like rocks.


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Steep it in liquid then strain it out maybe?

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Grind it


Then what? Are you speaking from experience or guessing?

I’ve ground dried turmeric in the same grinder we use for other spices. It powders up pretty good but I wouldn’t say that I can tell the difference from pre ground turmeric. Then again, I’m not super into turmeric so take that for what it’s worth

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would a blender be ok?

I’ve ground spices in the blender before but you have to have a relatively large minimum volume (like maybe that whole canister). Even the non-Vitamix blenders I’ve used are pretty decent at pulverizing dry stuff.

EDIT: also, I’m sure you know this but you’ll want to be a wee bit careful handling it afterward or you can stain the bejesus out of your clothes, countertop, etc. I haven’t ground turmeric in a plastic blender jar but it does stain just from homogenizing sauce with even a teaspoon of ground turmeric so proceed with mild caution

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Then you can use it in dishes, like curries etc. In our experience large pieces of turmeric aren’t as good good for cooking etc.

I saw this too late, the blender jar is completely yellow. lol

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try making a paste with baking powder and water then scrubbing. that’s the best thing i’v found for getting stains out of plastic

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thanks will try it. I tried to bleach it. nothing…

Second what @aaqjr said about baking soda - that made a bit of difference when we had a turmeric stain on our white countertops. Didn’t get it all out but it helped. Also, our blue-ish vitamix pitcher somehow reverted back to that color over time every time we’ve put sauce with turmeric in it (although I have no idea how).

How did the blending work? A usable powder?

I clean the spice grinder (repurposed coffee chopper) by grinding salt. It might still be discolored but there’s no significant flavor left.

The idea with chunks of turmeric is that they stay fresh longer than powder. You’re supposed to grind them before use.

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Looks like you already figured it out. I use a coffee bean grinder for spices. You can also use a mortar & pestle, but like @WireMonkey says, be careful because turmeric stains… looks like you already figured that out too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Made this lemony, chicken-feta meatball soup with turmeric from a NYT recipe. Smells so good.

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