Whatcha cooking for Christmas?

:santa:I’m in town for the holidays and its exciting to cook a seafood feast for Christmas Eve with lots of good bubbly…
Breakfast for Christmas morning is Bloody’s…Cinnamon rolls…

Dinner is King Crab legs, steamed asparagus and an en croute lobster bisque with more bubbly…
Dessert might be creme brule and a shot of Fireball…

Loved to know what my dear FTC are doing, cooking and traveling to parts unknown…

Merry Christmas…


Fresh goose from A Cut Above. They hang it for me for 3 days so when I cook, the skin gets super crispy!

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What’s the approximate cost on that and how far in advance must you order?
I love making goose!

This sounds great!

I wish I could do this but some in laws refuse to eat seafood. :triumph:

I don’t remember the cost - this is at least my third goose from them. I think, think, that maybe it was around 90$, but I really don’t remember. I would think that they still have some available - you can call and ask. Let me know if you get one and how it turns out!

That’s not so unreasonable. Having them hang it is really key as it’s a pain in the ass to clear out the fridge space to do that. So much more civilized to have the butcher do it!


I agree! I tried one year, with a frozen goose, defrosted, to dip it in boiling water and then store in fridge overnight for crisp skin but the meat turned out to be so tough, it was not worth it! This way, I pick it up on xmas eve, and just stick it in oven!

Christmas Eve dinner is cream of lentil soup with prunes, fried cod, fried cauliflower, and potato salad.

For Christmas breakfast we have panettone.

Christmas dinner is prime rib with Yorkshire pudding and a goose. Sides include red cabbage, fried potatoes, rice, lots of dill pickles, and cucumber salad. No dessert, although there is a tableful of cookies, nuts, dried fruit and oranges to nibble on, if you so desire.

One year, my brother and I were traveling up the Central California coast during Christmas vacation. Around 11 p.m. we got hungry and went to the only thing place open with food, a Jack in the Box. We didn’t notice until we were halfway through our meal back in the little motel room, that we had both ordered fish n’ chips. A Christmas miracle! We got our fried fish dinner. :christmas_tree::innocent::christmas_tree:


Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

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I was assigned easy food this year.

So in my fridge I have a prime rib, scored and rubbed with salt and pepper, aging in the refrigerator for a couple days now. Tomorrow all I have to do is put it in the oven, make a horseradish cream sauces, and roast some Brussels sprouts with bacon. I’m good with that.


How are you going to cook it?

Low n slow…

Blast at 450 for fifteen minutes, then at 200 for 3-4 hours, until 135 degrees in the center, another blast at high heat to brown and crisp, if necessary.

I generally pull them between 120-125 but your family must like it more done. Enjoy.

It depends.

I actually took it out at 125 this year and it was pretty perfect, but of course I had to put a few slices back in the oven (the South African needed well-done, and the Serbian needed medium). The Americans and English liked it rare, as did the new second wife from Barbados.

You can always make it less rare but you can’t make it more rare!

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Our plans to head to SFBA were thwarted by snow, wind and whiteout conditions. So our dinner for two were local, grass-fed lamb chops, oven baked polenta and salad (from WF salad bar). Couldn’t have been better.