What's Cooking Christmas 2015?

Started off with abalone with pork ribs braised in red wine and soy ramen. Topped with perigord truffles. Sis nailed the egg.

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Are you in Europe or is that breakfast?

Breakfast. Start of our feast of 4 fishes. Got sculpin, renkodai, and isaki at Mitsuwa.

Will do a tomato sauce pasta with the sculpin after frying them and the renkodai and isaki baked in salt crust.

Pictures to follow. Titled edited.

Prepping the 3rd course

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Very nice!

My family did the fishes yesterday. I made red wine braised/grilled octopus, split grilled lobster, linguine and clams, roasted whole spot prawns, and calamari stuffed with anchovy capers, breadcrumbs, and lemon.

Today we go meat. A platter of cured meats, cheeses and fruits to start. Then I’m serving handmade gnochetti tossed with 'nduja and pecorino Crotonese, a bone-in prime rib roast that I’ve been dry aging for 16 days, Robuchon pommes puree, buffalo mozzarella stuffed mushrooms, roasted root veg, broccoli rabe w/ chile and garlic, and a nice lemon ricotta cheesecake for dessert.


Bacon and cheddar biscuits and scrambled eggs for breakfast


Sculpin Fritti for the second course.

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