What's easier than grilling things over charcoal?

Obviously ingridients and fire management are key but still. How good does this look from yesterday? :slight_smile:

loola kabab, osetrina (sturgeon) since we’re from the Caspian sea, and mixed pork




Yea that’s a standard where we come from. unfortunately the majority of the farmed stuff we get is gross but i grabbed this because it was obviously a smaller fish which was very nice… yea childhood was funny… communism but beluga caviar by the kilo at home.


Honestly, we haven’t cooked over charcoal in many years. We find gas much easier to control. And, of course, gas is ‘cleaner’ than charcoal. We used to use propane but now have natural gas to our grill which is even better. And natural gas is cleaner than charcoal or propane. And I’m sure it’s just personal preference but I find mesquite too ‘harsh.’

Opulence. You has it.




What’s gross?

What you said.

Could you be a tad more specific please :slight_smile:

grilling over gas is gross… i’ve had it at many armenian places that cant do a proper setup . there’s no argument that’s going to win me over on charcoal vs gas. if yours efforts have been “harsh” perhaps you’re not letting the charcoal burn off until it’s completely covered with white ash. at that point it imparts very little smoke.


I’m not trying to win you over. But what is gross about it and what is a proper setup? And what do Armenian places have to do with the Home Cooking topic of grilling over charcoal. Charcoal pollutes more than gas. And the harshness I mentioned was mesquite not the charcoal. I thought you wanted to discuss what’s easier. No?

I do, of course bring up whatever you feel like.

I describe it as gross because of the smell/flavor I detect or think I detect. I bring up Armenian places because it’s where i’ve tried the same meats grilled on gas and can compare to same meat that we grill over charcoal. So i have a apples to apples comparison.

Yes, gas is easier. That was sort of rhetorical.

Thanks, kiddo. And that food looks great! How many were you feeding???

9 with plenty leftover for today.

Yet I’m still cooking. But for tomorrow. What’s for dinner ?

You know how to party.

how wide are those skewers? i ask because i have a set that are pretty wide and have a devil of a time getting seekh kababs to stay on them–my mixing and packing technique is probably off too.

What’s easier than grilling things over charcoal?

Sitting back and watching the cook grill the food while you wait to eat.


ours aren’t as wide as the persian ones. i think the wide ones are supposed to be better for the minced meat kabobs… lula/kubideh. but ours are perfect width. 1.5 cm width i’d say

yeah, mine are 1 inch wide. it’s hard to rotate minced meat kababs on regular round skewers without them falling off (at my skill level at least), but these are a bit too wide. great for chicken though.

Regardless of the fuel, in summer we’ll sometimes cook our entire dinner on the grill, multiple times a week. Except for the tomato this one was.