What's good at Grand Central Market

this is why i fucks with this website… thanks

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Tacos Tumbras a Tomas, their food is decent, line is long, a bit pricey but well worth it. I remember going there one weekday afternoon & their tacos were $2.50, then a few weeks later I went back on a weekend, their tacos were $3.50! Maybe I went there just when they just did the price increase, I don’t know. Although the price of tacos jumped one whole dollar, it’s still worth it! With the massive amount of meat they give you, slide the second corn tortilla to the side & you can make another one!

Madcapra - delicious, yes even without any meat options on the menu. Their flat bread is made in house & everything is fresh. The staff is wonderful & friendly.

Horse Thief BBQ, pass. One thing they got the name right is “Thief” The price & portion size they give you, everything is just so small. The pulled pork was very dry.

Eggslut - Slutty Egg - everytime I go to GCM, I look at the line to order your food. It looks like a line where you are waiting for the rides at an amusement park. 30-45 minute wait to order your food & another 20 minutes to have your food made. One whole hour order & eat your food, no thanks! “Pass!”

The Glendale and Venice Eggslut locations have no lines and taste just as good.

Go early and get a Fairfax add turkey sausage on a biscuit because they run out of biscuits early.


I think they’re not worth it and I go to Morelianas every time for tacos.

I’ve never been a fan of this place and can’t understand why they rate so highly. I’ve given them a few tries. It’s the only high end bbq where I didn’t finish my meal even though I was hungry. That was my last trip and I gave up.


If you’re out by the Glendale area, and are hankering for an egg sandwich, I would much rather head over to Division 3 in Glassell Park.

Heck, most of the time I’d rather go to Division 3 even if I’m not in the NW LA area.

What is good there?

Any of the biscuit sandwiches.

Division 3 looks good. I’m going have to try that place when I’m in the area. Thanks, @ipsedixit!

I hope they start one of these on the West side soon, damn.

Some ratings:

Wexler’s. A
Madcapra. A
Cheese Place. A-
Vegan Noodle Place. B+
Thai Places. B
G&B. B
Olio. B-

I’ve been to a number of the other places and am not particularly fond of them but haven’t been enough to draw a fair conclusion. I’ve been to all of the places above at least 5 times.

No love for…
La Tostaderia?
Villa Morelianas?

How about…
PBJ.LA? /s

How come only B for G&B?
Who in LA gets an A?

I haven’t tried La Toastaderia and Villa Morelianas. I had one nice sandwich at PBJ.LA (the old fashioned) and one I thought was horrible (the Italian one with pine nuts), so I haven’t decided.

G&B doesn’t have pourover coffee, which I think is the best way to appreciate fine coffee. I also don’t think G&B’s espresso is particularly good. And the almond/macadamia latte for which they achieved fame is just okay in my opinion. I strongly prefer Blue Bottle and Verve.

Don’t forget Chimney Coffee at LAX-C. They got pour overs, plenty of seating, outlets, good breakfast sandwiches, larb burger!, never crowded.

I very much like the espresso at G&B, so I believe they earn an A based on that.
But I also think that the famed macadamia nut milk is actually foul. Like I almost spit it out in public bad.

PBJ.LA was a joke. Not a fan of Fleischman…

Re: G&B
@Barolo @frommtron I agree. I thought the macadamia nut milk iced latte was very bad.
I would guess that they opt away from doing pour-overs because they take too long to make.
I also do not think their espresso stands out from their competitors.

Because of their “darling” status @ Eater LA, I guess I put them on a pedestal.
Now that I think about it, I can get behind your B ranking.
:beers: Cheers @Barolo, you have changed my mind.

Now go enjoy an octopus ceviche tostada @ La Tostaderia and a surtido taco @ Villa Morelianas! :yum:

Heading down to GSM tomorrow for lunch w/ an old friend who hasn’t been there since the “upgrades”. Anything new and delicious to look out for? (although I’ll probably get carnitas @ Morelianna, it’s always good to have new options…)


Hi @LAgirl,

Definitely Villa Moreliana for their Carnitas (get the Costilla Carnitas (Pork Ribs)) and mix and match (half & half) with maybe Oreja Carnitas (Pork Ears), etc. :slight_smile:

We just tried Sari Sari Store. Some thoughts and pics in this thread.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


coincidentally, your post went up just after mine (looks like GMC is the place to be this time of year!). Those pork ribs from Sari Sari look really good! How was the line?


The line was maybe 10 people right at 12 Noon. On our other visit, we were there maybe 11:20 or so? And it was like 3 people in line. :slight_smile:

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great, thanks! We were planning on getting there around 11:30ish to avoid some of the crowds and grab a table.