What's good at Grand Central Market

Yep! People are still ‘discovering it’. But it does live to the hype. The only thing to avoid is the skewers.



The entire market was a complete zoo. wall-to-wall peeps even @ 11:30. I think the holiday drew more people downtown to go places they normally don’t go (plus tons of tourists). Beer helps—we enjoyed some red ale from Golden Road and did our best to navigate/avoid some of the long lines. Ended up just getting a couple of sausages n sauerkraut from Berlin Currywurst and hanging outside in the beer garden. Nice day for people watching and a casual hang!


It was quite crowded for lunch today. Trying to navigate from one end to the other was not as fun as it usually is. Went to Sari Sari, but think that maybe I should have had carnitas instead.

Should’ve made a beeline to McConnell’s, given how warm it was today in DTLA.

yes, the crowds were a bit too much for me.

I wanted carnitas, but they had two long lines (one on each side of their stall) that extended out to the street. The line wasn’t moving too fast either. Also, there was absolutely no seating anywhere which limits the type of food I feel like eating while standing up (although carnitas would have worked :wink: )

Just looking at the recent topics and thought, “Wow GCM has really stepped up”.

Recent additions of Shiku, Fat N Flour, Sari Sari, Donut Man…wow those are some big names in the LA food scene


A sad month at GCM and for Chiles Secos customers! I’m down to my last spoonfuls of the black mole & the red mole and decided to get out of my comfort zone and add something new to my next haul. Nope. :sob:


Per that article they plan to reopen in some form.

In the meantime, you can get great Mexican moles from Spanish Table.

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I believe their moles came premade out of a commercially packaged bucket.
There’s a few dried chile wholesalers in the Pinata district. Was thinking of heading down to scope it out since a few coworkers have been talking about Chiles Secos closing.


Yes, but that’s actually what I liked about Chiles Secos. They imported a variety of really good moles from all over Mexico which meant you could get more types of mole than black & red mole. If you find a good place in your searches please report back @wanderlustre. Thanks!


I usually get my mole from el Mercadito.


I also really like the Hernan Mole they sell at Alta Baja Market.


Ah, heard that!
Will report back!


I was hoping you’d weigh-in @dommy. Thanks!

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Which Mercadito location is this?

Oh it’s gotta be Boyle Heights. Dommy, I haven’t taken a proper walk around since safer-at-home started. How is it? And I’m assuming the mariachis are back in the third floor restauarant.


I went last year for cheese menonita and a lot of the vendors are back! It’s not like the glory days, especially since you can so much food now at Mercado Olympic…. But it’s still worth a visit.

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Had a little longer than usual lunch time today so went down to GCM to grab a bite and get a look around at things…

Although Chile Secos is indeed gone, Valeria’s is still a stand to sell chiles and they also have a variety of moles too. I like that they sell them in small packs so you can get a real sense of many of them…

I was super sad that I just missed the last day of DTLA cheese at GCM (I need butter!). HOWEVER they aren’t gone for good! Next to kippered they are opening up a Superette!!! They carry all sorts of neat things at their Claremont location (just went this weekend) Can’t wait to see what they bring in to L.A.!

Strawberry Donuts are back! They aren’t my jam… so I got a Tiger Tail instead

FINALLY! FINALLY! GCM is having a nifty Dine L.A. menu! After spending $25 on a bowl at Sari Sari today… I will be hitting up these deals…


What’s the move now at GCM? Going to go after The Broad/Keith Haring

The move after or before Broad is Danny Boys pizza next door.


The Donut Man