What's good at Grand Central Market

Bang bang bang
Danny Boys x Prime Lil Tokyo x Bianco

Need a review of LA Pizza after the east coast sabbatical.


The sauce and cheese is great! I think they nailed this down pretty good.

Would have liked the crust to be a little more crisp and maybe less wide.

They also have meatball heros that peaked my interest, anyone tried? Delicious pizza overall.

Jean-Michel, Keith Haring, and Danny Boys Pizza makes this the most NYC block in LA!




The Galbi plate is from Shiku?

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Yup. It was good. I thought the banchan was just okay.

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His meatballs are wonderful. He also did the Meatball Shop in NYC, incase Danny looked familiar. He’s an L.A. boy now. :slight_smile: Also don’t skip on his Cesar salad. The dressing is made in house. I can’t wait for the regional connector to open. It will be one ride shot to Grand Ave/Bunker Hill station which in our house be known as Danny Boys stop.


Yeah. Their Banchan used to have more variety and made for a some really great meals on their own. One of my favorite things to do during the pandemic was head over there and then have a socially distanced picnic on the grassy area across the street.

I think they focus now on the bowls, which is understandable on a financial sense. But for rice bowls, I still prefer the ones at Sari Sari, even though they are super pricy now.

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Went to GCM recently because I heard that Ghost Sando had opened! I was so floored to find it slip into the recently vacated DTLA spot. Dear lord. I wish I could have taken a picture… the transition was seamless!!!

I have heard such good things about Ghost in the past. I LOVE sandwiches. I have NEVER had Dutch Crunch Bread, although I totally have wanted to try it. Now was my chance on a place I regularly hit for lunch.

They have hot and cold sandwiches and are a boar’s head shop. I don’t mind that, but for my first sandwich, I wanted something to really check out their skill. So I ordered Tuna. A favorite and something I figured they make in house.

They have a system on how they make their sandwiches. There are three prices for each. What that means is the amount of fillings. So an XL would have a an Extra large scoop of Tuna or portion of Pastrami. I opted for just the standard amount for my tuna

And it was plenty! The tuna salad was great, the tuna was plentiful and it did not have any fishy flavors. It was a teeny bit over dressed, but it didn’t totally sog up the bread, even after the 15 minutes it took me to get home. As for the bread…

It was good. I dunno, I kinda expecting it to crunch. It didn’t. Also it was a bit spongy, I usually like my sandwich bread a little lighter. I may try it on a hot sandwich next before I make my final verdict. But I do think this a good addition to the market,


Ha! Yeah, Dutch Crunch was a NYC thing for me during my Wall Street days. In concept, the bread should be amazing, exactly as you said with a crunch exterior. But in reality, it’s ok, but nothing special.


Villas Tacos # 2 is coming to GCM


anyone serving cold dutch crunch is not a serious sandwich maker…

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Double smash burger at For The Win
Banana cream pie at Fat & Flour
Peach donut at The Donut Man


I would go to Ramen Hood or Wexler’s depending on mood. More often I would choose nearby Maccheroni Republic or Kippered / DTLA Cheese.

Shiku used to be good but then they stopped serving interesting panchan and now just serve one boring menu.

The Thai place has always been solid.

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$15 Restaurant Week at GCM is back 10/6-10/20! I haven’t tried Maple Block there yet… gonna give it shot during this time. The 4 Cookies for $15 is a steal for Fat and Flour… Crumbl cookies are WAY more than that…

Also, remember there is a new A and E line stop up the street from GCM… Historic Broadway Station! (The B and C subway lines still have their stop by GCM… the northern Pershing Square station exits)



Damn 4 cookies for 15 at FF is a good deal…

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Reporting back on Maple Block’s $15 Ribs Deal…

It was three ribs and although the first one looks measly… they actually were pretty meaty! It was more than enough for me! It came with a TON of fries…. They were fresh and seasoned. Loved them! They game me extra sauce and unlike my most recent visit to the CC location, they were not cold! I could actually taste them properly. The classic was on point and the spicy was not overly spicy but had a nice burn.

I also got an order of their creamy slaw which came premixed again different than my CC experience. It was so GOOD! With a large portion of slaw (took half home to add to my lunch today) and a Topo with Tip it came out less than the standard Half Rack plate at $25.

The $15 specials go on until the 20th.


Is Maple Block only at GCM for Restaurant Week or have they replaced the previous outdoor BBQ place there?

Maple Block took over the Horse Thief spot a few months ago

Jury duty coming up downtown - GCM is probably still the move for lunch, right? Also thinking maybe Azay in Lil Tokyo, but anything else down there that I’m forgetting? Open to any cuisine/format, as long as it’s reasonable to walk there, eat, and get back from grand park in the hour-ish window.