What's good at Grand Central Market

Danny Boys for pizza and meatball sandwiches.


I did Sari Sari at jury duty last year. They gave us like 90 minutes so it was plenty of time. Au Lac should work as well.


My go-to within walking distance from the courthouse is Hama Sushi.


KazuNori is about a 15min. walk from the courthouse, so do-able for lunch.


Thanks for all of these suggestions! Ended up doing GCM after all - I needed coffee, and a business & pleasure from g&b was calling my name.

Also got Shiku, which was disappointingly plain - it wasn’t bad but it felt like a solid version of a standard office lunch plate. Banchan were pretty boring, as mentioned above - kimchi & macaroni salad.

Was headed to Sari Sari to snag something to go but got waylaid by the ‘dinela’ deal at sushirush- 5 pieces of nigiri for $15. Great value for very solid quick sushi, rice maybe not perfect but nicely vinegary and quality cuts of tuna, salmon, scallop. It was also fast af, as the name implies. Nice little mini-bang.

Took a slice of pumpkin pie from F&F to go, which was great as always.


Thanks for the post! I was in downtown today and was so sad to find that Uobei was now closed on the weekends. I was heading down to GCM anyway to pick up a Pumpkin Donut from Donutman (More about that coming to in the Pumpkin Pie Post) so I decided to try Sushi Rush, especially when I heard they had Handrolls!

They prepare their handrolls open faced style. Like sushi tacos. They come a bit more composed than KazuNori’s and they have various sauces that you could dress them with like Spicy Mayo, Yuzu Ponzo and Eel sauce. Also they have a take what you want Gari jar… hmmm….


I got blue crab, scallop and california. The standout was the scallop, tons of baby scallops and I loved it with the Ponzu. I also really loved the rice, I am super picky about shari and I love more vinegar than not. These had a nice vinegar tang without getting too distracting. It worked especially well with the california roll. They were a very nice size, about 2 and half bites each.

The only thing though, because they served up like a taco plate, any crispness to the nori was gone by the time I found a table. For the reason and because it’s actually a little cheaper, KazuNori remains my favorite Handroll place in DTLA. But still a really good edition to the GCM line up. Now if only someone would make killer salads there…


Shiku is disappointing. It was one of my favorite spots a few years ago. They had a wide selection of interesting banchan that kept me coming back. Then, they dropped all the banchan (except for the basic sides). And they never update the menu.


My visit to Shiku was also pretty meh

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Agreed. But I understand. After the pandemic, GCM has come roaring back and they volume they do on their rice bowls is likely more than enough to keep them busy with purchase and prep. The concept would be great for a small boutique store like what they are doing at Sua or Perilla… but not so much at a volume place like GCM.


Based on their instagram is sounds like they shuffling some staff around between Baroo and Shiku and we can maybe look forward to some menu changes. I also imagine the work to open Baroo was a huge time sink and they probably tried to simplify things at Shiku to keep it manageable.



Villas is now open


Is that Mexican food?

yup, tacos

The stars were the Villas Tacos! I got two Moreliana (mix and regular carnitas) and two Villas asada and chrizo.