Villa’s tacos

Villa’s tacos been mention a few times on the board and here but maybe deserves its own thread?

Went few weeks ago. Even if it hadn’t gotten the honor of being included in the latest Michelin guide, it was one of the better tacos I’ve had in a while.


I need to try their mulitas.

The escabeche onions are ridiculous.

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He was in the LA episode of Taco Chronicles: Cruz la Frontera.

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Anyone know what the off-menu “Victor special” is? It’s pictured in the article but not mentioned in the text.

I think the chicken might be the best protein here as far as smokiness go. I know chicken! Waited an hour plus here. Being a Sunday probably contributed to that wait.

It’s quite an interesting cross section of people. Not the typical people I see in the hood eating tacos. Of course I am just judging. It saddens me because there are other good tacos places that don’t get LA Times’ed that also wouldn’t mind the business. I don’t know that probably came off the wrong way I don’t mean to be exclusive, snobby, or gatekeeping or whatever. Villas is a maximalist type of taco from the taste and appearance I just don’t think noobs appreciate the time and care of each component.

Seriously congrats to Victor and the Villas team. They are crushing it!


Today was probably different from the usual crowd since Addison gave them a full review three days ago.

can you list a few?
any part of town
would love to try this place but I aint waiting that long

Villa’s is pretty unique in the fact that there is no other taco that is like it. Not even in Mexico.

^^^^ easy drive on the weekend mornings over the hill for really good pancita and barbacoa tacos. That is one of my favorite tacos lately. There might be a small line but nothing like Villas.

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another maximalist taco (but not in the same way as villa’s) is perro 110 (, truck location moves around, and a brick-and-mortar in cerritos), with the bonus that they make a pretty unique flour tortilla (almost scallion pancake-like in thickness, qq) that you can buy packs of.

i have the exact same sentiments about villa’s and its customer base… tangentially, i also feel like a lot of Mexican food is actually quite nuanced in terms of what is the key aspect defining its quality; it took me a decent amount of eating before i began to really be able to appreciate the differences across the different forms of masa


Aren’t tacos with a crispy cheese skirt called Tacos costra queso ?

Or a… quesotaco?

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……and blue corn tortilla, hibiscus escabeche onions, mango habanero salsa, cotija, guacomole, onions-cilantro, and lime

I think it’s a little more than just a quesataco

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Evil Cooks is another [different] maximalist taco stand, especially their dessert tacos


This was pretty average.

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It’s beans, potatoes, and chorizo quesataco.

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Where is this place? I looked it up but I can’t find it. Is it a truck?

Brick and mortar. It’s in a plaza on Fig between Ave 54-55. Corner spot.

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