What's good or close to laugh factory?



I think Norah is close too but I’ve never been there myself.

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Gesso - new restaurant by gjelina alum
Chi spacca

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It’s adjacent to Greenblatt’s, which serves the most underrated pastrami sandwich in LA, amongst other pleasant old-school Jewish deli items.

But if you’re willing to go as far out as Republique from the ol’ factory, you will find that you are in perhaps LA’s greatest dining area.

In addition to what has already been mentioned you have your pick of any of the following wonderful spots:

Trois Mec
Petit Trois
Osteria Mozza
Salt’s Cure
Crying Tiger
Pailin Thai
Odys & Penelope
Barbara Jean
The Hart & The Hunter
Alma (at the Standard)
Jon & Vinny’s
Son of a Gun
Angelini Osteria
Night + Market
Connie & Ted’s
Aburiya Raku
Golden State

That’s not even everything! But I already don’t know how you will decide!


Alma’s four blocks away.

this is so thorough that it’s not even helpful LOL. right on though.

i’d say go to greenblatt’s, buy a bottle of wine (small mark-up) and chill the fuck out. . kreplakh soup is glorious too


Yeah…this made me realize I eat in this area a lot lol

I think Greenblatt’s makes the most sense since it is literally next door, and Alma is a damn good place 4 blocks away. Those two make the most logistical sense for sure haha

But I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of knowing all their options!

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Yea it has been my area for 12 years now too. I can’t think of 1 place you missed… WTF. maybe l’assiette? (FOR STEAK ONLY)

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I am sure I missed some spots.

L’assiette, as you said, though I typically find myself going to Petit Trois if I want steak frites, so it’s a tough call.

I also left out:

La Orta Escuela Taqueria.

Petty Cash (if you’re into that kind of thing).

Plan Check

Prime Pizza

Laurel Hardware


Cofax (but closes too early to be a dinner option…)

Hugos (really only if you’re into the breakfast pasta mama, though)

Dan Tanas (again, if you’re into that sort of thing)

Sack Sandwiches (also probably not dinner-possible).

Ah fuck…and the worst one probably was leaving off Bludso’s hahaha

Some would also chastise me for leaving off Catch LA :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of quantity to volume ratio, that might be the best area in all of Los Angeles for restaurants.

Although I moved further west recently, and find myself mostly eating in Venice, I have been in that area a lot to eat at Rosaline and Verlaine, among others. Still an absurd area for food.

You’re now on a lot of b list places haha… Yea Bludso’s is a must, so is Romana next door. I’d say Awash and Genet for ethiopian… nong la in a pinch too… also what’s that newish french place around melrose/robertson?

the prices at dan tana’s are lol

Yeah, I suck at b list places.

Nong La is extending down to Sawtelle?? A lot more shit to cover if going that far down haha

I was also cutting off before Lil’ Ethiopia before as well. Of course, there are a number of wondrous little spots on Fairfax right there haha

Are you thinking of Le Relais De l’Entrecôte for the Melrose/Robertson French place? Kind of a competitor to L’Assiette?

yes that one… any good? l’assiette is garbage apart from steak frites… including wine.

i was talking about NongLA on La Brea by beverly.


I didn’t realize Nong La opened a La Brea branch, by bad, haha.

l’Entrecôte was alright, but bad location. I believe it has shuttered already actually:


d’oh… also napoleon and josephine was cute a couple of times but that’s shutting down too i think?

if Republique is on the list then so is Genwa near it

wait… Lawry’s too… and Paella (unless new owners fucked it up)

where are you living?

I’m living in West LA now. Not that far, sort of equidistant from Venice and WeHo.

I am slightly stunned at the paucity of good places to eat in West LA proper.

Of course, Fundamental LA exists. A number of nice Iranian spots (Flame, Tate of Tehran, and Attari) and the oddball Qin West… if you are generous, then Maple Block and Little Fatty fall into the purview, along with Sawtelle’s Tsujita, Morinoya, Plan Check, etc… and of course, the venerable Apple Pan… and technically I am closer to Shunji, Mori, and N/Naka…which are all so easy to walk into on a weeknight for a casual dinner…

But I find myself heading back to WeHo or out to Venice for really exciting food, or back to downtown mostly.

And I don’t entirely get it since there are plenty of people with money here in West LA. Why aren’t there more restaurants catering to us? Is Fundamental all that can be sustained? Or am I just the oddball neighbor here?

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Plebes beware. He’s baaaaaack!! :wink:


I have a lot of research to do! Thanks a lot. I am going tomorrow night.

Well well the melancholy aesthete has appeared!!!


How does everyone know this?

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From the writing.
Tone, sentence structure, penchant for a particular vocabulary, unique use of certain words incorrectly, point of view, information conveyed.

He cycles through sharing very useful information, posting overly extensive reviews in order to impress other readers, carpet bombing the board with posts on every last thread, replying angrily to posters who don’t completely agree with him, picking fights on threads that discuss topics he feels insecure about, attacking other posters harshly enough for it to be considered online harassment by many, alienating himself from even the most tolerant of FTC users, slinking away for a time, then returning to repeat the cycle with a new user name. And truthfully, each cycle is worse than the previous iteration. It’s not getting better.

This pattern goes back to Chowhound. He burned through at least two accounts there. Most likely more, but my memory can conflate CH and FTC. But if you read the boards long enough it won’t take you more than a sentence or two to spot him, regardless of the current username.

It is a cost of enjoying an otherwise wonderful online community.