What's the best BYOB place you can think of?

Hoping for some surprises.

Jolly Oyster (Ventura)
Hollywood Bowl
Ralph’s Parking Lot
Pinches Tacos

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On Sundays, Drago Center has no bottle charge if you BYOB.

Can you bring some beer into Guisados? Help with the super hot choices!

Eater just posted this

Note that it’s illegal for restaurants without liquor licenses to allow BYOB. Posting about such places can lead to the ABC fining them or even shutting them down. It’s particularly bad to post about a place that’s letting people BYOB while their liquor license is pending, since if they’re caught their application will likely be rejected and they won’t be able to get one.

You can find out if a place is licensed here:



The title of the Eater article should be “No Corkage Fee at these 14 Restaurants in Los Angeles”

Hollywood Bowl!!

Not even going to front I check out other people’s alcohol/food like we were checking out each other rides on Whittier Blvd and sometimes trade beer with the group next to us cause ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.
Then some uppity Westsider who makes an exception to go east of La Cienega for the Bowl, pops a bottle and I am looking at it like Luke Skywalker does at his lightsaber at the end of Episode 7.

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At least one of them does not have a license.

Good one!
Sadly, it seems, more and more, the shows I like to go see (rock, country, pop, etc), are “licensed” events (to outside promoters) and there is a no outside booze policy.

While I am at it, can i just rant (again) that California’s booze laws are so terribly annoying?
Was just in NYC for Thanksgiving and the “Beer and Wine Only” shit we live with, hardly exists there. If they have a license they can make a fucking cocktail.
Maybe it is the power of the wine industry in this state as well as bureaucracy for bureaucracies sake.


I did notice that this past season at the Bowl, the best shows were leased. You can still get a little buzz on the grounds prior to entering.

I had a great time at the John Williams concert. I was the guy yelling out, 3 Points for Gryffindor!! I think he does it every other year. The Reggae Fest is usually fun.

Little League games, with PTA meetings following in a close second. ((The first is fun, the second is pure survival. )


Type 41 (on-sale beer & wine for restaurants) licenses are easier to get and cheaper than type 47 (full bar). Some counties limit the number of full-bar licenses and that drives up the price. I believe in some counties they go for $250,000 or more.

How California’s liquor laws ended up the way they are would be a good subject for a large book. Most if not all sectors of the various industries involved would like things to be simplified and liberalized.


i’d say my house, except i can’t ever seem to get exactly what i want and
there’s always the same asshole there.

oh wait…that’s me.

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Playboy Jazz festival! lol we buy extra seats for our coolers, We bring bottles of Demetria, Ridge, and my San Diego friends bring some fun bottles of beer

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Why specifically Demitria and Ridge?

Yes, I’ve been to hollywood bowl 20 times. I’m talking about a good restaurant

You’re right. This is a bit too stupid to just have up.

Admin, plz delete if you can.

I am no wine aficionado, not by a long shot. But my girl and my parents are. We visited the gorgeous Demtria vineyard and tasting patio on a beautiful spring day a few years back. They all loved the rosés. And the Demetria family couldn’t be lovelier. Ever since then, they [the rosés, not the people] have been a fixture at our homes.

All that said, I too, wondered why @aaqjr singled these producers out.

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Because a friend of mine is a member of their wine clubs and I am happy enough to drink what they byob!


This makes for such an awesome day, especially with the few pretty solid breweries in the area or on the way.

Houston’s also has no corkage fee on your first bottle of wine
I used to B my OB at the original Chego location, anyone have any idea if this is allowed at Far East Plaza? Would be pretty killer for Chego/HR/etc.