What's the best frozen pizza?

I was surprised to learn that Anthony Mangieri has a frozen pizza brand.

… in 2017, he set out on a new quest: to create a frozen pizza that would meet his standards — wood-fired, slow-risen, fashioned from all-natural and al-Italian ingredients — but made almost entirely with automation. … Mr. Mangieri eventually found a plant in Northern Italy with wood-fired ovens to produce his frozen pies … Mr. Mangieri said that making his Genio Della Pizza pizzas in Italy keeps the price down because heavy ingredients like buffalo mozzarella and canned plum tomatoes are available in bulk and don’t have to travel to the United States.

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Chicago’s Home Run Inn (thin crust) and local chain Gino’s East (deep dish) have had frozen versions of their pizzas in stores for ages. And they are very close indeed to the products served in the restaurants. Of course, nothing will ever beat fresh-out-of-the-oven, but these aren’t bad, and I’m not surprised it’s possible to get decent versions of other styles.


according to the instagram for genio della, they don’t start selling until tomorrow…

That would help explain why I’ve never heard of it before.

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Anybody tried Mangieri’s yet?

Vicolo’s Roma line were slightly on sale yesterday at Berkeley Bowl so I tried one.


Tasty though the ingredients were skewed to one side. For $7 it’s not very competitive with $16 for 3 of their original cornmeal crust at Costco, though it might be if it shows up at Costco.

I wouldn’t call pinsa a culinary classic. It’s a recent invention with marketing that tries to tack on an imaginary history. And this has nothing to do with pinsa anyway, it’s 100% wheat flour.

In LA the fancy frozen pizzas from recently reborn LA Morra are pretty good. They’re about the same price as a lot of fresh pizzas around town, though, so I don’t really get the appeal except as minor convenience or novelty.


I’d pay more for frozen pizza if it came closer to my favorite pizza place’s quality. With tax, fees, and driver tip, a 14" pie is $45 delivered, so $17 for an 11" La Morra might be a relatively good value.

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We’ve tried all the ones from Locale. La Morra, Delfina, Pizzana… Our favorite by far is the flatbread pizza from The Italian Homemade company. Not only is the flatbread really tasty, but the toppings are top notch and generous!


At $13 a slice it had better be good!

I don’t know why they call it a slice, it’s quite large and fed the two us well.

Because it’s sliced?

Trader Joe’s wood oven round pies feom Italy are.my currrent favorites.

We recently got a pizza steel and are totally hooked on it. I was just thinking about trying one of these on it.

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Instructions are to place directly on an oven rack for seven minutes. Seems like it would be easy to overcook with a steel or stone.

The steel gets heated at 550 for 45 minutes. The pizza then takes minutes. 4,8 ?

You might burn the bottom before the top is done. They’re designed to go on a rack still frozen at 425.

It appears not.

How To Cook a Frozen Pizza Perfectly. Baking Instructions.

We’re making a ‘real’ pizza tonight but will be trying this soon.

According to the guy who sells baking steels! That pizza takes twice as long to cook. Anyway if it burns you’re only out $5.

I wondered about that. Our pizzas take about six minutes. And the bottom is beautifully streaked brown and crispy edges. It’s the best pizza we’ve ever made. Even from our Ooni.

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