What's the current state of affairs of banh mi? (And an obligatory update on K Sandwiches)

I’ve been going to Bale (Mira Mesa), and Kim Chan but neither of those spots scratches that banh mi itch that K’s used to.

And, of course, obligatory K’s update:

Thanks for posting a K-Sandwiches update. Unfortunately, I’m unable to get to the link. I assume it’s good news. It did look like there was some action other than demolition (finally) at the site when we passed by last week.

Anyway, in the interim since their fire, I’ve found two places with very good bahn mi: Pho Hut & Grill at Balboa and Genesee; and Saigon 5 in the 99 Ranch “food court” (which has all of four counter restaurants), also on Balboa. My favorite at both places is the bahn mi xa xiu (BBQ pork slices).

The bahn mi that Ba-Le had in their Linda Vista location was mediocre, I thought. Maybe better in their new place?

I just edited the original post to add K Sandwiches main FB page, which should have the update.

Cliff Notes version: Construction is well underway.

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Wow, I would hardly characterize the construction progress as “well underway” based on what we saw last week. Maybe it was more than a week ago, but not very long.

Compared to 6 months ago I would consider it well underway. As opposed to not underway at all.

Well, OK. In any event, I’m glad that they’re definitely rebuilding and will re-open. It’s been a long time.

Bale in MM was pretty mediocre as was cali express.

The Kirin at supernatural sandwiches is decent although definitely not a classic example.

Haven’t found one close to K, yet but haven’t really looked that hard.

Looks like things are moving along for the very special K-Sandwiches. Building exterior and windows look nearly complete.

November opening now anticipated. It’s been a long stretch!