What's the joint that has closed that you miss even dearly now and it's possible that the chef or another version of the restaurant has resurfaced somewhere?

Thanks guys.

La Barbara’s Pizza? Flossie’s, Bit O Scotland, Mezze….But I get to cross Clifton’s off.

some of mine:

Nouveau Café Blanc

Mako on Beverly Dr.

Paio in Silverlake

Manny’s Bistro in Westwood

Norman’s in Sunset Plaza

The Wiener Factory in Sherman Oaks

Madhu’s Dasprakash in West LA

Rubin’s Red Hots in Sherman Oaks

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I know this place doesn’t qualify as a “joint”, but, damn, I miss Red Medicine.

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Tail o the pup. The Boston Celtic dog with baked beans sure was good.

Always rumors of its return. We’ll see.

Also miss st nicks bar and the powerhouse. Dive bars in weho and frankly hollywood too are an endangered species.

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Bier Beisl (yea I know he’s reopened but still…)
Sushi Nozowa

Here’s on that is still open AND I miss it - animal, before everyone else knew about it

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Ditto to Mako and Red Medicine. And I miss Mako the chef–such a great guy. I went regularly to Mako for lunch for a while and he and his ex-wife/manager (forgot her name) were nice enough to offer to get me a quart of their great mango ice cream IIRC from Fosselman’s, which you couldn’t get on the westside at that time.

Also Bucato–I finally got there once for lunch and once for my last birthday dinner with some friends (we all loved it) when Evan was still there and…boom…it’s closed before I ever got back, boohoo.

and that reminds me of the fucking The Joker on Pico.

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I still dream of the fucking whole main lobster in a saffron coconut curry sauce.

best fucking sauce ever.

and that’s no fucking joke.

Sushi Nozawa

of course.

and the old Shibucho in Yoahan Plaza.

and sushi zo pre-fucking-cxraziness.

oh, and Nishimura when it’s sashimi was tops in town.

I definitely don’t miss the defunct matsuhisa.

at least you can still hit up the silver platter with awesome yelp reviews evocative of the epic “Smell the Glove”:

“A big adventure in a tiny box.
Don’t bring your valuables.”
“Man, this place would be SO AWESOME if it didn’t smell so heinously of garbage.”
“Pansexual robosexual transsexual trysomesexual YOU BETTER WORKSEXUAL.”


Mezze was a great Mediterranean joint on La Cienega that closed a couple of years ago due to adjacent construction.


the Tommy’s that closed on Pico at Lincoln :frowning:

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but arent there lots of Tommy’s?

That’s the only original Tommys in West LA, west of the 405.

The next one is the OG fucking OG on Beverly and Rampart.

And there’s one in H’wd.

Big tomys on pico and Sawtelle don’t count.

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Flossie’s : (


The Parish