What's up with this thumbs up only shit?

Give me a thumbs down for fuck sake.
What is this shit? Facebook?

Workaround: When you see a post you don’t like, reply “I don’t like this.”

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By default it’s a heart and I changed it to thumbs-up after people complained.

If you click the button you get the “Flag” button to complain to the moderators.

The “like” button serves fast and easy “I agree.” When you disagree with a post, a thumbs-down is probably too vague to be helpful to anyone.

Agree with the disagree comment. If someone is wrong or you have a different opinion, then speak up.

I made a comment about Porthos .And the shit hit the fan . I got quarantined because I didn’t like his comments . I just go easy now. Yes it is like Facebook .

In the old lingo, gotta be careful about differentiating between the Chow and the Chowhound. And not ‘yucking’ someone’s ‘yum.’



This board’s for talking about food. If you want to make rude remarks about other posters, try the Eater comments section.


Stop acting like a bunch of pussies and add a thumbs down please. Fucking no brainier.

Please see robert’s reply above.

It was one rude remark . That was it . Not multiple . Not against posters , plural . Sorry Robert I’m just defending myself here .No hard feelings .

I have no control over the feature set. You could suggest it at meta.discourse.org but I think Jeff Atwood’s about as likely to go for that as he is to add a bozofilter.

Its open source
You could easily add it

This is the hosted version. All customers get the same feature set. I don’t have time or interest in maintaining my own server, that’s too much like what I do at work.


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It’s too bad you don’t give a shit

That post is the ultimate thumbs down

So we don’t have to thumbs up if we reply? Cool.

Which post was that? I’m confused.

Thumbs down

Oh. Em. Gee. Type yer own thumbs downs. Don’t tell me you don’t have time!


You have no idea what you’re talking about.