What's your favorite cocktail bar in the Boston area?

I love Todd Maul (ex-Clio) and gang at Cafe ArtScience in Cambridge.

Eater just did an interesting article on him:

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Not sure if it constitutes Boston area but Tosca in Hingham has an excellent bar program. Both Kelly and Brisn know their way around the bar. Kelly makes the best basil
Gimlet, hands down!

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Standards are Eastern Standard, Hawthrone, No. 9 Park.

I’ve only been once, but I had a great experience at Drink ( Drink ).They don’t have a menu and only make custom cocktails based on your preferences or bar tender choice. They did a good job guiding and/or taking over and making a good/interesting cocktails.

Bonus was that the bartender had been aging rum in a hollowed out pumpkin (it was around halloween), and she gave us some tasters. Strange but memorable, at the least.

When I was visiting Boston, I had cocktails at Drink, which I thought was okay, but nothing stellar. I did have some amazing cocktails at Parla, waiting for our seats at Neptune Oyster. Parla North End

How was Neptune Oyster?

Try Backbar in Somerville next time for cocktails

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We started with oysters, which were delicious. I had the lobster roll, as I read that they had the best in Boston, with great french fries but thought the lobster was a little chewy. We went on Sunday night, which is their least busy, if you decide to go.

Thanks for the tip! Will try next time I visit!

Thanks! We didn’t make it to Neptune as planned. But we did go to Belle Isle Seafood right from the airport :blush:.

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Hawthorne, though the lead bartender Katie is gone, it’s still good. It’s a cocktail bar, first and foremost.

No 9 Park, though I haven’t been there is a while. If you are in the area where they are - Uni, Loyal 9, SRV are good too. Note these are bars attached to restaurants.