Whats your favorite movie theater food/grub at a currently operating movie theater that's open to the public, ok, fuck it you can include private screening rooms to if you want

and please name the theater and the dope fucking grub (ok, i mean dope for a theater to be sure):


cheese pizza, HN hot dogs, popcorns with ranch seasoning, the fancy imported chocolate that i can’t remember the name of

from landmark in west la.

followed by

the chicken sausage baguette and buttered pretzels from any of the myriad arch light locations.

too bad i can’t enjoy the goods with a film print no longer. or else i’d be in store for a real fucking treat.

I actually love the buttered popcorn from Arclight. It tastes fresh and real…not all processed-weird like at regular theaters. The caramel corn is a treat, too. I’m a purist…all I need is popcorn during movies.

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Kevin good post. We enjoy toffee and fudge from littlejohns to take into grove theatre. Popcorn works.

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great idea, JJ.

but it was to be within the confines of the actual theater, i.e… either the concession stand or the movie theater restaurant if there’s such a thing.

but still that’s a great fucking idea.

my bad for not clarifying.

Fair enough. Same mall on way is still ez.

Now riddle me this, which has the best bar/beer selection?

shit, now I’m going against the grain of my own fucking question. but the bar at the landmark. because it’s right outside the fucking ticket booth.

having said that, since i’m trying to play fair to for the good of the game, i’d say Ipic.

oh, shit, forgot about IPic.

i liked their smoked salmon potato skins topped with caviar, their fish tacos, and their lobster rolls will do in a pinch, and they have a full bar where they will deliver your Old Fashioned or martini or Sazerac to your seat and that ain’t no fucking joke.

but it gets pricey real fast.

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love love love littlejohns toffee…


Hot dogs at the AMC in Century City.

the maple walnut fudge and rocky road fudge with massive marshmallows are also winners!

Protip if you got a woman to bring along - a #1 from InO with shake will fit in many handbags.


Yes you can. New Beverly Theater all showings in 35 millimeter and everything at the snack bar including buttered popcorn is $2 or less! (and all tickets just $8 too)…
Runner up is the new Cinemark Playa Vista XD with full bar and fresh Kettle corn plus a Whole Foods next door for food to sneak in (and Hal’s from Abbot Kinney is opening there next year)……and I already have my Star Wars tickets.

I really liked Bob Ted, etc when I saw it for the first fucking time, maybe a little less than a year ago.

And some good beer. Or so I’ve heard…

If we’re stretching the parameters a bit…I love going to the Vineland Drive-in and stopping somewhere in the SGV for takeout along the way.

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Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches at the Landmark.

Also available at Laemmle NoHo

Sundance Sunset has really yummy hummus. And wine in actual glasses. Civilized. (Arclight makes you drink wine out of plastic cups).

I Pic, but its sort of a class of its own.

yep, I forgot about that fucking joint.

but added it shortly after.

Pocky Sticks at the Landmark….