What's your favorite place to dine in the city . S.F?

What’s your favorite place to dine out in the city . Breakfast , lunch , or dinner . $-$$$. I like going early morning to hit up North Beach . Espresso at café Grafeo . Then off to Liguria Bakery for focaccia . Then to a bar on Stockton St .I forget the name at the moment . After walk down to Molinari deli for a head cheese sandwich and a bag full of groceries to bring home . Let’s hear about the places you like in the city . I have yet to try La Ciccia

I don’t get to the Bay Area as often as I used to, but my favorites in no particular order:

Golden Gate Bakery

I’m heading up next weekend . To dine and do some shopping . More SF talk needed on FTC . Thanks for your input Ipse . Is Tony’s the Pizzeria in North Beach ?

Yup, on Stockton and Union.

Across the street from that church in the park.

I always wanted to try it . On my current radar is Baonecci Ristorante on Green St . I might stay longer and hit up both .

I’ve never been to Baonecci, but Tony’s is like one of those places I feel like a pizza-phile just has to try at least once. Just to say you’ve been if nothing else.

Sort of like Bianco in Phoenix.

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Alfred’s - steakhouse
Angkor Borei - Cambodian
Bar Tartine - Cal-Hungarian-Japanese ***
Barbacco - Italian small plates
Burmese Kitchen
Cotogna - Cal-Italian & pizza
Cockscomb - Chris Cosentino’s new place (Incanto closed)
La Ciccia - Sardinian Italian ***
La Santaneca - pupusas
Monsieur Benjamin - French bistro with Asian twists
Old Jerusalem - Palestinian
Perbacco - northern Italian ***
Saigon Sandwich - banh mi
Trou Normand - charcuterie
Volta - French-Scandinavian
Yank Sing - Chinese dim sum (lunch only)
Yuzuki - Japanese (not sushi)
Zuni Cafe - Cal-Mediterranean


Long, detailed discussion of pizza options:

From our most recent trip in February:
Neighbor Bakehouse- ginger pullapart
Dragon Beaux- Din Sum lunch, more non traditional items than Koi Palace
Al’s Place- fish head
Rasa Restaurant- slider, all dosa and curry dish

The Chawanmushi with sea urchin at Yuzuki is pretty damn awesome. Just wish it was a bigger portion.

Too many…

Tak Kee Lee
Dumpling Kitchen
Smile House Cafe (Hong Kong style fusion)
La Ciccia
Keiko A Nob Hill
Lam Hoa Thuan for Hong Kong Cantonese style roasties (roast duck, bbq pork)
Izakaya Rintaro
Flour & Water (pasta tasting menu only)

ipse, any places in LA that offers similar food to Yuzuki?

I’m sure there are, most likely somewhere in OC (like Garden Grove or Westminster) which are out of my comfort zone geographically, unfortunately.


Any recs for lunch in the Lower Pacific heights . I’ll be in area for lunch time . Saturday around noon time . Been to Delfina . Liked it . Sandwich , a quick sit down , or take away would be great before driving back home .

Not quite.

Yuzuki, to this n00b anyway, is like the Japanese equivalent of Baroo here in LA.

If one were to ask me of a SF equivalent to Baroo, I would be at a lost to find an appropriate analog.

And for what it’s worth, cooking technique/style aside, Yuzuki is more refined than Torihei is. And Torihei is not bad at all.

I had the best radish cakes ever at Out the Door.

Dosa is good for upscale Indian. Nice lamb frankies.

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Yuzuki is very refined, very traditional Japanese cooking. Baroo is highly personal, experimental Korean global fusion. Outside of using the best ingredients and precise technique I don’t see much similarity.

Both use fermentation in their cooking. Quite often.

Love the counter for lunch at Tadich…
Bloody Mary at Lefty’s, while hubs gets a sliced prime rib sandwich, before baseball game…
Irish coffee’s at Buena Vista…
Wayfarer Tavern is next stop…