What's your favorite thing or things in your kitchen?

What is it and WHAT Bourdain video? Please ?


WOW!!! What does one of these puppies cost??? Large # I’m betting.

$280, according to their website. Really nice product, but for that kind of money, my Lodge will do just fine.

Whew. Too rich for me. Speaking of Lodge, I cooked a piece of pork belly in my Lodge (350 for about an hour). Talk about seasoning :slight_smile:

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Basic everyday stuff would be my sheet pans, tongs, and Y-peeler.

And I like the plain, ole aluminum (I guess) tongs with just the ‘ring’ that locks them.

Yep. I took a Thomas Keller Ad Hoc cooking class. The instructor said TK wants people to use spatulas and break themselves of the tong habit. I couldn’t do it.

Chopsticks. Just use chopsticks.

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LOL… That’s what my Auntie Yachi uses. But I’m not as good as her.

What’s wrong with tongs? Although I have multiple spatulas. @ipse I’m not sure I could turn a two pound piece of meat with chopsticks. Although I find I use them more and more.

:smile: Ahh but you see cat… They’re grilling thin slices of meat, flank cut short ribs and fast sautéing/frying veggies, gyoza and spring rolls (yes my auntie fries her spring rolls sometimes). They’re not working with big ole’ hunks of meat.

You need big chopsticks.


You let your dog lick the plates when you’re done?

LOL. Yes indeedy :slight_smile: LOL again!

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You are a much kinder human than me. :slight_smile:

Why? Elaborate please? As I said, she gets nothing that she shouldn’t have. And she’s old so I’m not killing her :slight_smile:

I don’t even allow my dog on the furniture. If she gets a bone or leftover rice or something, it goes in her bowl. I’m mean like that.

Okay, enough off topic. I just remembered how much I love my cherry-pitter. I know it’s a one-use gadget that I only use once a year, but I really, really love having it when I need it.

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My dogs have never been given bones. )

bleach spray

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