What's your favorite thing or things in your kitchen?

Doesn’t have to be cookware at all.

One of my favorite things is the ceiling fan. It makes such a difference. 'Course I turn it off if handling starches and the like :slight_smile:

My cat. Unless he jumps up on the table or attacks my foot. Then not my cat, probably my Kitchenaid. Also very fond of my egg topper.


My round 9-quart Le Creuset.

For outside, it’s my Big Green Egg XL.

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Oh, I forgot about the dog. Gypsy - no joke - helps a lot cleaning up all sorts of bowls, platters, cutting boards, skillets. A pre-wash so to speak. Only things that are okay for her to have.

I also love my mother’s old juicer.

My Italian majolica ceramic bowls , cups , dinnerware , olive oil dispenser , serving plates , and others .

Is it vintage or new? I love it but don’t have any. Too many dishes :slight_smile:

New . My sister and I have been exchanging gifts ( majolica ) for Christmas for years now . I got her hooked on it . Some has come from Italy while traveling and the other from Biordi Arts in S.F . One of my favorite stores there that imports Italian majolica . Take a peek at their website if you get a chance . It’s molto bella .

Great gift idea! I’ll look at the website but no more buying. Unless I do :slight_smile:

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My collection of spices and tea. Practically speaking, I would say my tongs, digital scale, microplane, tofu press, crumber, and citrus juicer.

My hands.



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Ding, ding, ding. We have the ultimate winner.

Okay, equipment wise - my digital scale. I use it a lot more than I thought I would.

Agreed on the scale.

I will add my cast iron pan (I may never grill a steak again).


It is certainly our go-to for thick steaks. Do you use it on the cooktop only or after searing on one side do you move it to the oven. I’ve done both.

I just started cooking them this way recently. Not sure what took me so long to come around. I have only done it on the stovetop, but I would probably use the oven if I had a thick enough steak to warrant it. I start it in coconut oil and add butter and aromatics (garlic, thyme, etc.) after the flip and baste until medium rare. Decadent, yes, but I don’t eat steak even once a week (anymore), so I don’t feel guilty about the indulgence. My wife tells me it’s the best steak she’s ever had (I disagree, but love the compliment). They’re definitely the best steaks I’ve ever cooked, though.


My pots and pans and knives; and of late hario kettle and v60 dripper.

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Cast iron is also my standard go to steak prep,.

Although my charcoal grill edges it out with the smoke; however a bit more advanced planning required.

I love smoke on just about every meat, but I actually prefer a good steak without it. Just my preference, but I want the meat to be the star.


This is pretty drool worthy especially post watching Bourdain video.