What's your hangover cure?

I’m using this as a sub thread to my post about getting hammered .
Aspirin , more alcohol , greasy food sleep , other ?

T(otal) H(angover) C(ure)


Lot of water while you are drinking will prevent the worst. Seriously, most hangover symptoms are due to dehydration. Water is the key to a better tomorrow.

That said, being able to sleep in or even past the nausea is great. My go-to dinner after a night of partying is Chinese noodle soup with braised beef from a local purveyor. Perfect.

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Menudo/Posole and lots of self-loathing…

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Carne asada fries.


I’ve finally reached the plateau of Old Fart where I have accepted that the best remedy is to avoid getting hammered in the first place. That works most of the time, but we all know that you end up there unintentionally once in a while.

I try to get some food to soak it all up – eggs and toast seems to be the most reliable.

Then (and I know this is a weird one) – a couple of aspirin and a huge glass of milk, then the same as soon as I get up the next morning. I have friends who can’t even watch me drink the milk when we’re all hammered!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that all the liquid helps with dehydration, and the proteins and sugar in the milk help with the low blood sugar that often accompanies a hangover, and the aspirin helps with the blood vessel dilation that brings on the headache, so I was scientifically on track, even if I was just looking to not feel like hell when it was time to get up and go to work in a few hours…

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those are some serious fries. do you have a favorite place for carne asada fries?

These are from Taco Sinaloa in Torrance. Definitely my favorite in the area.

Can one be both repulsed and intrigued simultaneously?



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Heard that one before!

A ride in the Panigale 1299 through Little Tujunga.

That looks like some good shit . That’ll work while quaffing down a Budweiser . Yea now .

Lots of sparkling water during and after. Coconut water works miracles for recovery as does nopal (a long time Mexican remedy)… My favorite hangover food cure is a nopales, cheese, and scrambled egg burrito. I do have freeze dried nopal capsules that work wonders as a hangover aid

IV doc


In and Out double double with grilled onions, extra cheese and spread…with some animal fries extra done.
Big ol’ extra large Dr. Pepper or Coke

Kung Pao chicken with extra brown sauce and tons of chiles that are hot as f*ck…

Spicy double bloody with horseradish and chilaquiles with tons of super hot sauce…beans and rice with hand made flour tortillas too…

Cheese and chile tamales with a cold Pacifico…

Avocado crunch tacos with sharp cheddar cheese, red onions and Hibiscus ice tea…

Jump in the ocean and continue partying…:tongue:

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Pure 02 does wonders if you’re around one of those kiosks or just have your personal 02 tank around with it’s caddy and you’ve got those plastic tubes that insert at the base of the nasal cavity…