Where and how to eat caviar in LA?

Options both interesting and kind of stupid-sounding in this piece:

Other suggestions? I’ve seen photos from Daybird but I think that’s BYOC.


The seaweed rice with supplement?


Daybird uses astrea

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Is it an off-menu add-on?

on menu

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Ah. Not on the web site’s menu, though it is listed on Doordash.

Yang’s Kitchen

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No need to go anywhere when you can hit up @Clayfu and grab some potato chips (or blinis) on the way home.

The best caviar dish in socal is at Addison though. The rice, smoked sabayon, and caviar is an insane bite.


I’m with you. Up here we have Seattle Caviar Caviar – Seattle Caviar Company

We love their Idaho white sturgeon and have totally switched to Tim’s potato chips.

I can’t think of the last time I had it in a restaurant…and won’t.

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It’s just a jar of caviar that you spread on yourself.