Where are all the good gelato places in LA/OC?

Why aren’t there more good gelato places in SoCal? Bulgarini shut down in CC a few months back. Both times I went there it was pretty empty. Outside of Grom and Bulgarini not many great gelato joints.

Ice cream on the other hand seems to be ubiquitous in SoCal
Sweet Rose
Salt n Straw
Jeni’s (did they ever reopen)

Any under the radar gelato places with good fruit flavored gelato? 90 degree days around Halloween just scream for good gelato.

Pizzeria Mozza’s pistachio gelato is the closest I’ve found to the ones in Rome in terms of flavor.

Their olive oil gelato and yogurt gelato are pretty good also.


Well, there’s Bulgarini. If, by under the radar, you’re using sonar to detect an F-14 Tomcat.

Well, but then there’s Uli in DTLA, which is very good, and I guess under the radar.

Especially if you are looking for clean fruit flavors, their sorbettos are outstanding.

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The pistachio at Bulgarini is my favorite gelato of all time. Never had the pistachio at Mozza but will be on the lookout.

I love the gelato at Mozza but was thinking more of casual to go. For some reason I feel like the gelato is better at Eataly in NY than Otto or Mozza although I assume (maybe wrongly) that the recipes and ingredients must be very similar if not identical.

Uli looks pretty good will have to give it a try soon. Having a very hard time finding any good gelato in the OC.

Jeni’s is open. We had some great flavors yesterday. The black currant and passion fruit frozen yogurts were great. My husband enjoyed their red raspberry sorbet and the salted peanut butter with chocolate was a nice contrast to all the tart flavors we picked.

Jeni’s has gelato?

No they don’t. I was just responding to js76wisco the fact that jeni’s has reopened.

I don’t mind the Gelato Paradiso chain. I like their banana and lemon flavors if you’re looking for fruit!

Two in Laguna Beach. Dolce and Gelato Paradiso. Lines out the door for both places.

My top 3 rankings for gelato in LA:

  1. Bulgarini - Altadena
  2. Grom - Malibu/Hollywood
  3. Paciugo - Hermosa Beach

I feel your pain. Gelato Bar used to be great when Nancy Silverton owned it but has gone way downhill since she sold it.

Holy Crap. Somehow I didn’t know we had Grom in LA. I have to make it there ASAP!

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Grom is fucking dope.

For the fucked up OC I still like Gelato Oaraduso. If not mistaken, it’s still located on the fashion island mall.

Indeed. Right now they have excellent fig and strawberry sorbetti. I also enjoy their Torte Siciliana w/ sheep’s milk ricotta, candied citrus, and almonds.

I’ll have to try the gelato place at fashion island since you both recommend it but I hope you’re not f-cking with me Kevin. Geez that’s a real inconvenient spot for gelato.

Grom has been fantastic both times I’ve had it in LA. Hollywood and highland is a disaster but Grom softens the blow. They also have one in Malibu.

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There’s a location in downtown Laguna as well if that’s more convenient.