Where Are the Fried Empanadas?

It seems like everyone makes the baked version of empanadas in this town. Usually, they are too doughy and heavy.

Have you come across the wonderful fried versions?

This the joint I go to in my neck of the woods…they fry them, but will bake on request. We like them a lot…my family prefers them fried, but I like them baked. Their chimichurri is also good…ask for extra.
Rinconcito Argentino (Norwalk)
Down south towards Laguna, Sergio’s Empanadas is also pretty good.

Mercado Buenos Aires in Van Nuys has them. Beef, chicken, spinach, cheese, corn, tuna, ham and cheese, cheese and onion, and chorizo.

Recently, I was eating at Mi Ranchito Veracruz in NoHo and had a Veracruz style empanada where the outside dough was made from corn. They only had vegetable, chicken, beef. Totally different and tasty.

Mercardo de Buenos Aires and Catalina Market both do fried and baked versions.

Empanada’s Place.


Johnny’s Empanadas in Winnetka
Mercado Buenos Aires in North Hills

Second rec above for Empanada’s Place in Culver City.


I did not know Empanadas Place fry their empanadas. I vaguely recall picking some up there a while ago, but could’ve sworn they were baked. It’s fairly close to me so I will check it out, thanks.

Definitely fried. Also cash only IIRC.

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it’s Mpanada

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It’s not “THE” Sergio is it? If so then this place is the best hands down. :wink:

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Haha! No, it is not THE Sergio…just a Sergio.