Where are the sours?

Given kevin’s question in the multinationals buying craft brewers discussion, what are some breweries distributing good sours.

Around here the main ones I like are the Bruery, Almanac and Epic (utah).

I also am glad to have a local brewery Progress, that has a nice gose and a lichtenhainerwiess.

Tustin Brewery has a really nice sour called Jon Flanders.

Russian River’s sours set the standard for me.

Monk’s Cafe is one of my favorites, don’t see that around much. I just bought some at Gerrards Market in Redlands, but that’s a long way from where I usually am.

Is the tustin Flanders Jon a seasonal beer? If so do you have an idea when it’s available?

Have y’all tried phantom carriage?

No, not seasonal but, not available all of the time either. They update their taps pretty regularly on their web site

I have sampled Phantom Carriage at the Burgers & Beer Festival. They’re doing some interesting stuff.

The Rare Barrel
Sante Adairius

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+1. Especially Sante’s West Ashley, which is quite hard to get. You have to get lucky and be at the brewery when they have bottle releases or trade for it, if you’re into beer trading (I am). The Rare Barrel is great, as well. I’m actually currently drinking Rare Barrel’s Home Sour Home which is practically peach pie in a glass. They don’t distribute either so you have to go to their brewery in Berkeley or sign up for their yearly membership.

I’m also a fan of Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks line of sours. They distribute to stores randomly (You can currently find their Agrestic at a few bottle shops). They always have fun bottle releases though over in Buellton.

If you’re ever in Tillamook, OR, check out De Garde Brewing. They have some of the best fruited sours I have ever had, but, of course not distributed.

Russian River sours will always be classic. I especially love Temptation and Sanctification.

Avery has been putting out a few decent sours lately that are actually distributed. Their Lilikoi Kepolo is very refreshing and perfect for hot weather.

If you’re ever in South Carolina, check out Westbrook Brewing and try their Gose. Salty, sour deliciousness! I often trade for it.

Sorry to go off on a tangent… I love my sours. :grin:

I love those fuckers too.

Cuvée jacobins is good.

Monks cafe is good and many joints do carry it luckily. But it’s not quite sour. More of a lukewarm sweet but it’s still very good and easy drinking.

Russian Rivers Supplicatiin is the fucking piece de resistance of the fin de siècle.

Hansens fried green strawberry is exceptional if you can find it.

Lost Abbey mKes a good sour rasberry ditty.