Where can I buy lobster roll buns in Los Angeles area?

Where can I buy lobster roll buns in LA area? BTW, great place to buy live lobsters is 99 Ranch markets.

how much is Ranch market charging for live lobster these days?

Closest i’ve gotten to finding lobster roll buns are the hawaiian sandwich rolls.

kings hawaiian hot dog buns are 90% of the way there and as good as it’s going to get.


Split top?

I concur. Unless you mail order or bake your own, these are it.

We have a lobster place in Truckee and Reno. He said he had to order split top buns from New England.

I would order them online from Hancock.

I was there a couple of weeks ago. They have two tanks. One has 1 1/4
lobsters for 9.99 per lb. The second tank has 2 plus pound lobsters. I’m
not sure, but I think they were $17-20 per pound . These are North
Atlantic lobster and they looked frisky. o

GDo they cook it if you ask? I’m making a Ranch 99 run this week, and I still am unsure what the fish tank situation is. If I buy it, do they clean and scale it? Will they fry it or steam it on request?

They do clean and scale it for you. They also fry it upon request, but I don’t think they steam it for you though.

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They are fairly easy to make. I use a basic hamburger buns recipe, Beautiful Burger Buns. Rather than buying a New England pan I use small rectangular pyrex storage containers. When baking put a weighted cookie sheet on top. Slice the finished product into three and cut the edge off the two outer surfaces. Split the tops, butter the edges and toast them in a pan. Sounds like a lot of work but it is not. Its a soft, rich dough (fast rising) so the overall time is only around three hours depending on temperature and the result is so much better than anything you can buy. If you are going to spring for lobster might as well have everything else as good as possible. They are great for hot dogs as well.


i think the brioche rolls at huntington meats would work well

Last time I was there Saturday it was $12.95 lb.

good to know thanks.

I believe they will cook fish, but I know how to steam them myself. It’s
very easy. You need a very large pot. Go to Jons or a Hispanic
supermarket and buy a tamale cooker. They cost under $20. Then google how
to cook a lobster and it will tell how many minutes to steam according to
the weight of each lobster. Or just call 99 Ranch confirm whether they
will cook your lobster.

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