Where can I find oxtails?

Does anybody know where I can buy Oxtails in Los Angeles? Either DTLA or SVF are preferable.
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Costco carries them. As do all the Korean markets.

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any Vietnamese/Chinese supermarket.


I assume “SVF” is supposed to be “SFV” (San Fernando Valley)? I assume Mexican supermarkets might have them, too?

Thank you. I’m an ex vegetarian and I couldn’t find them in my local grocery store. So, I really didn’t know where else to look.

Dtla- go to chinatown. all grocery stores carry oxtail.
SFV- 99 ranch, Seafood City, island Pacific, Bangluck

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Ralphs has them.

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168 market on Vally in SGV had them last week for 3.99. It is the whole tail and they will cut it for you. Best prep I found is with farmers market carrots including the top leaves chopped up, onions, celery and garlic. I like to add beef tendon too to lessen the beefy taste and they take the same long time to stew.

SuperKing Markets has them

They are surprisingly expensive at Costco, but they do look very high quality. Doesn’t look like 99 Ranch oxtail, that’s for sure.

appropos of costco, i’m not normally much for the quality of their meat – the prices can be good, though – but i had some
“prime rib eye cap” from there that was, like, crap, 13.99 a pound or something like that and it was…really, really, good.

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17.99 today - looked amazing. $35 smallest package I saw.

No oxtail though

Burbank Costco

huh. i saw lots of oxtails last time i was in the burbank costco. then again i was in my usual
costco anxiety spiral…

They were definitely at Burbank Costco last time I was there. They were not there today, but the entire meat section has been rearranged.

rearranged. oh boy.
anyway, if you’re feeling flush and its your bag, give the ribeye cap a go. i’ve never seen it packaged like that in a market, and it’s by far the best thing i’ve eaten from costco.

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No doubt, I’ve heard spectacular things about rib caps at restaurants (I think Yamasake did a fairly popular rendition?), but I did not have $35 for 2 pounds of rib caps. But that $1.62 polish sausage served me well, as always.

So, I called a bunch of places and decided to try the Costco in Marina Del Rey. They said that the only places that regularly carry oxtail are Inglewood and Long Beach. We picked up 2 polish sausages. Next, we tried the Galleria on Western where they were $5.99/lb! Yay! Had some BBQ, too.

If we’re calling $5.99 a good price that was about the Costco price too.