Where can I get a waffle as good as Howlin Rays but not wait two hours in line?

I think Howlin Rays has the best fried chicken in LA. I think it is frustrating that it also has, as far as I know, the best waffle. I am sometimes willing to brave the line for a whole fried chicken, but I really don’t want to wait just for that waffle but damn is it good. It has the perfectly crispy crust, and the inside is moist and buttery with just the right amount of chew.

Please tell me that someone else does a waffle that is as delicious as the one at HR

Hi @AlwaysHungry,

I know the feeling, and agree that it is amazing that Howlin’ Ray’s delivers not only the best Fried Chicken in L.A., but happens to deliver our favorite Waffles as well (they are amazing eaten fresh). :slight_smile:

My other favorite is at Gjusta. It’s a heftier Multi-Grain Porridge Waffle (Butter & Syrup), but it is fantastic. Pics and thoughts here.



Wow that waffle looks amazing.

Of course one of the other best waffles in LA would also be at a place that has long waits, is crowded, and has bad parking.

Thank you for the recommendation, I’ll definitely check it out!

I hate to be that guy but I have never run into a waffle that I like as much as a homemade one. It may not be Howlin’ Rays level of awesomeness (I’ve never tried their waffles) but try this recipe. The best I’ve ever tried. It literally comes out super crispy on the outside and super fluffy in the center every single time without fail.

Unfortunately, it requires a good Belgian waffle maker, too, so it may not be worth the investment depending on how often you eat waffles. But a good one costs less than $40 in my experience. Just make sure it has a black cooking surface to crisp the exterior, deep crevices to allow for a fluffy interior, and the ability to flip to cook both sides evenly.

Again, I know you’re looking for a restaurant answer but once you get the waffle groove down, you’re going to look like a knight in shining armor churning out waffles to the disheveled, hungover hordes who just climbed out of bed on a Saturday morning.


I really think Howlin Rays waffles are a bit too chewy, almost soggy.

I like the waffles at Animal. Something about the cornmeal, I guess.

Pam Anderson is a fab recipe writer/creator. Can’t wait to try these!

The big surprise in the recipe was the cornstarch. Now that I think of it, it makes huge sense - no gluten, makes the overall waffle much more tender. But had never seen it in a waffle before…

For chicken and waffles I like the tasting kitchen


Yes I think gluten is the key, as you so appropriately mentioned. Also, I think that the corn starch makes for a crispy exterior. I must admit that I typically start with 1/3 - 1/2 of the oil called for in the recipe and kind of play things by ear depending on the consistency of the batter and how well the first waffle pulls off the iron. Six tablespoons just seems a bit much, in my opinion.

I’ve never been there for brunch, but I’ll check it out. Have you tried the chilaquiles?

Unfortunately, my kitchen is too small to have specialized equipment like a waffle maker and my storage is limited. I’ll pass this on to any friends who have waffle irons though.

Thank you!

As a counterpoint to the Belgian style waffle (which I don’t think go all that well with fried chicken), I’ll offer these classics.

Since you’re already melting the butter, I suggest you keep going and brown the butter before you mix it into the batter. Also, definitely let the batter sit on the countertop overnight. Keep it out of the refrigerator for that first bit. Refrigerate leftover batter. This recipe will work fine in a Belgian waffle maker, but it meant for the “regular” waffle maker.

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Big fan of the crispy Bacon Cheddar Waffle at Uncle Bill’s In Manhattan Beach!! And don’t forget Pann’s Chicken and Waffles…


DoubleThinker -

Very happy to hear that you can cut down on the oil. I looked at the recipe, saw the amount and thought “Well, that’s why we don’t have waffles every day.”

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Hi @AlwaysHungry,

Hope you get a chance to try it. :slight_smile: Also, it just depends on when you go. I’ve been plenty of times to Gjusta before the rush and enjoyed brunch without much hassle at all.

Hi @ipsedixit (and @AlwaysHungry),

Thanks for the reminder. Yes the Waffles at Animal are great as well. :slight_smile: Here’s some pics and thoughts from brunch.

Curious because yeast raised is often how waffles in Belgium are made, unless I’m mistaken. I just like ‘normal’ waffles in a Belgian style iron. :stuck_out_tongue: Makes for a softer interior, me thinks.

Brussels and Liege waffles are both yeast risen, differing primarily in batter consistency, with Liege waffles having a much thicker batter. Liege waffles also contain those sugar pearls that caramelize, making it a great dessert on its own.

Some waffle nerdisms for those curious. :nerd_face:


I think we’re probably pretty close in waffle preferences. I just used the word “regular” to differentiate from the deep-pocketed Belgian variety.

As with most things flour/water/etc., based, I’m sure this all comes down to a matter of ratios.

The Marian Cunningham classic has about a full cup more liquid. It produces a really thin batter that can be used in a Belgian waffle maker, but isn’t optimal. I’ve never seen a Belgian waffle recipe with a ratio of liquid to solid as high as the Cunningham waffle. But I am not a waffle expert.

I love a good Belgian waffle, but I think that for fried chicken the custard-like interior of a Belgian waffle isn’t optimal. I want a higher SA:V and more crispness. So regardless of batter recipe, I want a yeast risen waffle from a “regular” waffle maker with fried chicken.

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Here is my favorite recipe, WAFFLES FROM THE JOY OF COOKING recipe | Epicurious.com. I use the whole cup of butter. Decadent, but oh so good. We only have them a few times a year when either my brother or ebeth come to visit. I have a conventional iron, and prefer it to Belgian style as conventional waffles were a standard item for Sunday brunch in my youth (for @secretasianman, @linus and the other former Wolverines this was after walking to the Blue Front to pick up the Sunday NY Times for my father).

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Absolutely, agree with ya on the ratio thing. And matter of taste, I suppose, as I tend to prefer the deep-pocketed waffle variety regardless of the presence or absence of fried fowl.

But at least we can agree on our chicken being perfectly crispy on the outside and tender in the middle. :poultry_leg:

OMG. they sold legit reading material there?