Where can i get a whole lamb in or around LA?

Organic would be fantastic but I will take anything that isnt factory farmed.

Any halal butcher. Might have to special order but some will get a lot in before every weekend.

There are two Halal butchers on 3rd street between Normandie & Western (Ktown). I’ve bought lamb @ Bangla (I believe that is the most recent name of the place). I went there last time I needed shanks and they brought out the whole lamb for me to look at before they cut the shanks off and portioned them. (I also think that they wanted to verify the part of the animal that I wanted and weren’t clear on the English word “shank”). The quality of the lamb was very good.

I would also imagine that you could custom order one from either Of the Farmers Market butchers (3rd & Fairfax)—Huntington Meats or Marcondas.

Go get a live one from Armenians in the valley. You pick it, they butcher it very nicely and dress it. You can watch. Or not.

Done it couple times.

Get some quail while you’re at it.


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That sounds great!

Costco business center

i cant stress enough what a difference a fresh lamb makes from a pre-frozen one… when you bring the meat home and it’s still warm then you grill it… it’s lamb x lamb = LAMB

Am I invited? I won’t tell Mary.

do you need to buy the whole lamb, or is this one of those places that sells it by quarters/halves/whole