Where house the best sheng jian bao in LA/OC?

I had some here and there, even attempt to make some at home. Seeing different execution from dough to filling to texture of that crispy bottoms. Just wonder where do you think has the best sheng jian bao and why. Thanks!

I don’t know about best, but Little Pan is consistent (it’s their main specialty) and I think they overfry the bottoms a bit so that they hold up for take-away. Not burnt, but there is more crispy fried part on the bottom. (This makes the bottoms harder to eat-in, though usually their locations are more for takeout).

Kang Kang also had great sheng jian bao! imo a little softer.


Min Min >> Kang Kang. I learned that on my bang bang.


I’ve been trying to find good ones since I moved back to LA after leaving San Francisco. I live on the westside and the only one’s close to home that have hit the spot have been from Tasty Noodle House on Sawtelle.

Look at this bottom :smiling_face_with_tear:


Tasty Noodle House is frying their SJB a lot more than when they first opened.

Still good, but a bit past optimum sear for my taste.


Mama Lu’s

I enjoyed their mini sjbs. Been meaning to go back for the big ones.

I also didn’t love their other items we tried there so haven’t been rushing back but also we ordered different items than the ones you loved in your other post, so will try those :slight_smile:


Dang. Really? Drive by that Min Min all the time (usually omw to 99) so never stop.

No dinner plans tonight, so may have to go.

Until I try Min Min for myself, Kang Kang is a reliable source. I prefer the Temple City location to the Alhambra (Valley/Garfield) outpost.

I might take note that @J_L did not identify the Shanghainese restaurants Shanghailander or No 8 on the Bund for their SJB. To me, their dough seems to me too thin and airy, and their filling a bit bland.

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I tried Little Pan today. Thanks for the rec! I like how juicy they are.

But I like the dough at Paradise Dynasty better. It’s pillowy soft.