Where to buy beef ribs?

I’m smoking them this weekend - 225 degrees for 6 hours with a mustard lather and spice mix on top. I’d like the type they serve at Gates but I haven’t been able to find them.

They have similar versions at Costco and Whole Foods - on the bone but with much less meat. The grade can be choice but I’d prefer prime. I’m going to check out the Butchery and Stater Bros tomorrow.

Gelsons currently has some awesome ranch style short ribs $12/lb. They look like beef back ribs except with the meat/marbleization of short ribs.

I’ve also seen back ribs in the case as well.

I’m buying a smoker soon, so I have equal interest in this thread.

I would advise seasoning with coarse black pepper and kosher salt. Spritz with water and apple cider vinegar. I like my beef ribs smoked with applewood.

As for sourcing, Restaurant Depot if you know a person who works at a restaurant. Costco had prime short ribs at Tustin but it was a meat roadshow and I doubt they are still there. I know Butchery has them, not sure I would use a high quality meat for something like beef ribs. I go to SuperKing, they have choice and are same sourcing as Costco. Check their ad, some locations have them on sale for < $4 per lb.

Sam’s Club sells choice angus shorts for $5 per lb. You can ask them for uncut ones.

You can always go to Korean market like H Mart and ask for uncut ones from the back. H Mart has CAB Choice ones and I would say they are worth the price.

I usually just get mine at SuperKing because I can get two “racks” for < $25. I don’t think Prime is worth it, beef ribs are fatty enough. Choice is fatty enough and IMO renders much better and still plenty of fat.

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“Small” ones but can’t pass up that price.

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Nice. Thanks for the tips. I’m going to try some of the Korean markets and see if I can swing by the Super King in Anaheim. For the price that is significantly cheaper than Costco and Whole Foods.

For smoking you probably don’t need prime.

short ribs. feh.
just had them from bludsos la brea. way too salty, and…i just dont care for bbq short ribs.
to each their own.

i do like beef ribs, though. just not the short rib kind.

I have bought mine at Costco and from another butcher here in town . I love beef ribs . I salt and put lots of black pepper . I smoke them with oak wood @ 250 . I would start checking them around 4 1/2 hours . Writing this I think I am going to pick up a rack for this weekend . Have fun cooking them .

Post up pics of your end product!

Will do. I think the ribs with less meat on them will end up reducing my cook time from 6 hours to 4-5 hours.

Going to the Korean markets tomorrow to scout out the best ribs.

Good luck with this. I’ve made something of a crusade on this over the past few years. In OC I’ve found that you can get 6" ribs but longer ines, especially with that much meat, are rare. I’ve been told by butchers that they all go to restaurants.

I’ve been told that these are called NAMP 123 beef plate ribs. I’ve never asked s butcher to order them though and I’m prettty sure they’re rather pricey. I’ve heard that Restaurant Depot does have them but I don’t have a membership any more. I’ll be watching this topic.

I’ll report back with my findings. I talked to the butcher at Whole Foods in Brea. He brought a whole side of beef short ribs still in the plastic packaging. There was not a lot of meat on the bones but one side was considerably meatier than the other. He said he could cut them however I want. $9.99 per lb.

The Yorba Linda Costco has their prime meat counter and the short ribs were $12.99. Not a lot of meat on the bones as well.

I’ll see if my friend can get me into Restaurant Depot for the NAMP 123 beef plate ribs. Otherwise I would rather pay 1/3 of the price for choice meat at a Korean or Mexican market.

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What I’m referring to are NOT short ribs. If what are in that pic are short ribs I’m confused. Short ribs, AFAIK, don’t have that much meat directly on top of them.

You don’t consider this a lot of meat?


Are you sure that’s a “short rib”? That nowhere near what my local markets sell as short ribs. This what I see:


OK. More Googlibg and I find a different thing called NAMP plate BACK ribs. Beef Ribs - BarbecueBible.com

I have no idea what they’re called at this pount but I know what they look like. Yours are what I can’t find. It might be helpful to have the right name. What I’d read before said back and plate were different things. Totally confused now about the name. Never about the ribs I seek.

I think finding NAMP plate 123 ribs is very hard as alluded to earlier in the post. The picture of what you posted are the type of short ribs I’ve been finding at the market.

That is not what I want but I feel like I might have to settle for these unless I can get into Restaurant Depot.




Apparently the layman’s verbiage is “beef plate short ribs”, but NAMP123 appears to be verified by this page.

You probably won’t find beef plate short ribs like these just laying around at the supermarket. I bought these at Restaurant Depot, a members-only wholesale restaurant supply store with locations throughout the United States. If you are a Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) member, you can get a free day pass by showing your KCBS membership card and a photo ID. Alternatively, find a good butcher shop (which are few and far between these days) and ask for 3- or 4-bone slabs of beef plate short ribs, known as IMPS #123A. Plate short ribs come from ribs 6, 7 and 8 and are cut just below the ribeye.

Where did you get those beef ribs, cooked, from ?

even today, i remain a namp 124 supporter.

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