Where to buy blue fenugreek / utskho suneli?

According to “The Classic Cuisine of Soviet Georgia,” it’s dried leaves, not the seeds.The Latin name is Trigonella caerulea, English name sweet trefoil. In Switzerland they call it Schabzigerklee and use it to flavor Schabziger cheese (Sap Sago).

Dried spice:


Any other sources?

Seeds for the garden:

dried fenugreek leaves or kasoori methi can be found in any south asian store.

Right, but this is a different species with a different flavor.

“The smell and taste are similar to ordinary fenugreek, but milder”

Different enough that substituting kasoori methi would not give you the distinctive Georgian taste.

Current US source:


They also have kviteli kvavili / yellow marigold, which they label in English “saffron.”

Not sure this will help but a dear Russian friend brought me a number of Georgian spices from this company, https://kitchenceremony.com/. Their webpage is written in Cyrillic, and I think it is in Russian, not Georgian. It is giving Google Translate a headache. If you have any Russian speaking friends to translate I am sure they carry it. My friend gave me a number of Georgian spices I was able to identify thanks to this website, https://georgianrecipes.net/.
Oops didn’t read closely. You already found it.