Where to buy collard greens in South OC?

We had some amazing collards at Soul Belly BBQ in the Las Vegas Arts District the other day and I’m interested in making my own. I never see them at Ralphs or Albertsons (closest markets), so I thought I’d ask here before spending a lot of time searching.

Whole Foods

Collards at Ralphs and the like are often sold in Bags more than on the leaf. Glory brand is especially good because of the fine shred so it gets to that really nice cookdown that you get at BBQ and Soul Food joints…

The whole leaf ones sold at Whole Foods I have found are way tough and are best for things like Collar wraps…


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Brazilian grocers will have them.

The best are always at farmers markets but the demographics of the OC might not favor finding them there.

Found some full leaf collards at Sprouts and bought the ones with the thinnest leaves and narrowest stems. Also found some ham hocks and uncured bacon at Albertsons so I think I’m set.