Where to Buy? Grass fed mature beef - 30+ month old and deep yellow fat

Does anyone know where one can purchase grass fed mature (30+ mths at slaughter), dry aged steaks with the lovely deep yellow colored fat??

I’ve purchased some from Novy ranch however no yellow fat, not sure how matured their cows are either at slaughter.

The GCM burger butcher shoppe ???

Looks like they slaughter 24-30months. I was told Hawksmoor is ~ 4-5 years at slaughter.

Does bel campo dry age too? Don’t recollect from past visits.

Electric City Butcher
201 E 4th St
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 474-9096

Give these guys a call. May be they can help.

I know they have the facility for dry aging, not sure if they do it for beef tho.

Why exactly are you looking for beef that is that old? Did you get inspired by watching Faviken or something?

Unless you groupbuy a cattle that a rancher is willing to slaughter and divide up it will be difficult to find what you are asking for. In France it would be easy, here not so much.

I believe that kind of beef usually comes from retired dairy cows. The times I’ve had it I believe the chef bought the whole cow direct from the dairy.

Hmmm, I just don’t know.

I’m sure other FTCer’s will know or rather hopefully they will know.

But from the response it sounds like it might just be super fucking specialized.

I’m presuming Harvey Guss would definitely not work ??? but maybe he would know where to find it. which might be half the fucking battle.

just my beyond worthless 2.5 cents.

My interest was peaked last year when a friend raved about the meats served at Hawksmoor in London and yes, got reminded in the faviken episode on mind of the chef.

Possible source identified - Kinderhook Farm

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That looks phenomenal. But there doesn’t seem to be an on-line store, so I imagine trying to specially order that particular kind of beef might entail quite a monetary output? Like arranging for them to ship a whole side/quarter of beef? I’d be interested to know more about it.

After having phenomenal old beef at Asador Etxebarri in Northern Spain, I was excited to see old dairy cow on the menu at Otoño in Highland Park (from Mindful Meats in NY). Sadly, it was underwhelming; okay but nothing special or especially flavorful.

The ox steak we had at Etxebarri was good but a step down from the one we’d had at La Viña the night before.

Huntington’s got it

I sent them an inquiry and appears they are only retailing from their farm store in upstate / central New York, about 2.5hrs from the city; pickup only.

Waiting to hear back from Meat Hook if they carry any at their Brooklyn butcher.

Slowing making its way into the mainstream


Btw here’s an example of what it looks like in Spain.


Cream Co. started a retail + mail-order operation due to the pandemic. None of that stuff currently.

Just ordered some NY steaks from Vintage Beef - fat color isn’t nearly as deep yellow nor as uniform as the pic above, will see how it goes.


@robert Have you tried any from Cream co?


I’ve had beef from old dairy cows that Chris Kronner sourced from Cream Co. when he had a restaurant and they were wholesale-only.

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Wow that beef looks incredible with the nice yellow fat. Where did u purchase?

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Meat and Essentials in San Marino carries cream co pastured meats