Where to Buy Scrapple?

Which grocery stores in West LA carry scrapple? I saw it at the Von’s at PCH and Sunset a couple of years ago but that was a random sighting.

Call Belcampo.

Yes, I know you asked for a grocery store. I suck. I’m sorry, I must be high.


Clearly high!

Your high may trump my sober. Thanks for the rec!

Not grocery store, either, but A Cut Above now carries it with some regularity. Housemade. Haven’t tried it, though. I used to see it in the butcher counter when I lived in Baltimore, but never tried it there, either.

Thanks! A Cut Above is not far from me and a very cool place with great sandwiches.

Just tried the scrapple from A Cut Above. Pricey at $9.99 a pound. Worth it? Probably—it’s more porky and less livery than most scrapple I’ve had, and it cooks up nicely with the tasty crust you get with properly made corned beef hash. Honestly though, I prefer the cheap stuff, in all its corn mealy, livery goodness.

I shop frequently at Cut Above and some of their prices are just way too out of wack. Guess when you are the only real legit local butcher in West La you can get away with it.

Was at A Cut Above yesterday and bought 2 rib-in 1" pork chops. While it is good I don’t think it tastes any better than Bristol Farm’s which is 1/2 the price.
I do like their sandwiches and some of the less marbled dry-aged steaks (NY Bone in Strip for example is excellent).

Cut Above’s Italian sausage is really good. I also like the brisket chili.