Where to Eat and Drink in Fisherman’s Wharf for Non-Tourists

This could be pretty handy if you had to eat at the Wharf for some reason.

I like Fior d’Italia but the food is very retro…


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Good info. I’ve eaten/drunk at a number of these but not all.

A story. Back in the 70s a man friend called and wanted to cry on my shoulder about a woman problem. We went to Buena Vista (oh, wait, it was already what is now my bedtime!) and started drinking Irish coffees. I got home (on a “school night” mind you) and didn’t sleep a wink. The coffee overruled the whiskey. But a fun very San Francisco memory.

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I’ve wondered about that – and have ordered decaf Irish coffee at the theater, feeling very uncool, but better safe…

I’ve sure never had one at night since then!