Where to eat at PHL airport

Had a short time between flights and Legal Seafoods was near our gate. Chowder ($7 / mug) was excellent. Fried clams ($18) had good, fresh flavor but weren’t as crisp as they should have been. Nice glass of South African Fleur du Cap Chenin Blanc ($9). Super-friendly server with a great local accent. Definitely above average for a quick bite at an airport.

What terminal were you in? PHL has six of them (roughly) and often travelers are stuck in just one, so it’s good to know what is available where.

PHL is my home airport (and I’m one of those people who arrives at the airport <1 hr before a flight) so I never eat in there. If I’m about to take a long flight in economy and I want an in-flight meal, I stop at Wawa before getting to the airport!

Terminal C.

Legal is by far the best in the airport. Very good food.

There is a vino volo that may look appealing but it’s all pre made stuff and pretty bad.

Second tier would be Chickie & Petes for greasy food but a fun sports bar vibe or Jamba Juice for something quick in and out.

People still eat at wawa?

Wawa ROCKS. I get their subs all the time (of course, since I am not originally from the Delaware Valley, I call them subs and not hoagies :grinning:). Tasty, fresh, cheap, friendly, super-efficient. Wawa is the best convenience store in the universe, if you ask me.