Where to find "Fried Quesadilla"

Hi all.

I’m new here so please be gentle.

I’m looking for a place that sells a stuffed Fried Quesadilla. Preferably made with fresh corn tortilla. Special points if they do Al Pastor with Pina.

I got hooked on these from Los Tacos No1 (DISH OF THE WEEK: Especial Adobada at LOS TACOS NO. 1 | Eat This NY) in NYC and I believe they are Tijuana style? I’m really not sure. They are just AWESOME and I pine for them daily.



Welcome to FTC, sermad!

I am not the fried quesadilla specialist on this board, but I hope you find your roadmap to the Holy Grail here…

Is this what you’re looking for?


I think they’re called quesadilla preparada (and perhaps they’re estilo DF, not from Tijuana?). There was a thread on Chowhound many yrs ago about a restaurant that served food in estilo DF, but the place has since closed (Chowhound). I remember the thread since I was also wanting to try deep-fried quesadillas.

I feel like @Dommy would know the answer to your question.


I’m no expert, but I haven’t seen anything fried quite like that (empanada style, it looks like). I think, though, that you might enjoy going to one of the better al pastor spots in the city (Tacos Leo, Tacos Tamix, El Flamin Taco, El Chato, Chiquis, or similar) and getting a couple of mulitas. When done well mulitas have that greasy/crispy/meaty/tortilla combo and if you go to any of those legit al pastor spots the meat is phenomenal too.

and even if it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for you’ll still have a damn good meal.

Try this place, it has quesadillas fritas. I believe its DF style

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Monte Alban has deep fried quesadillas. IIRC the “cecina” is their version of pork adobada. (It’s a little confusing because I believe cecina is usually beef.)

Taqueria Los Anaya. Bizarra Capital.

Chorizo y queso quesadilla at Bizarra Capital. The chicharron and huitlacoche offerings I thought were just average.

This is not at all what you’re looking for, but I recently had the Chicarrón de Queso at Aqui es Texcoco, and holy mother, I was not expecting that. I went for the Barbacoa, but I think about that fried cheese and guacamole a lot. A real treat. I think I especially enjoyed it since I had recently attempted to make parmesan bowls for cacio e pepe and failed in a major way (think my grating was too fine). T’was nice to have some fried cheese done right.

Anyway, good luck! Keep us posted on your quest.

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There is a food truck, on Vermont, just south of 3rd St. Across from McDonalds, they make the deep fried quesadillas with all the meats, the asada is excellent, they make huaraches by hand, and all the tacos are echo y Mano! Enjoy

Bizarra was very good

Thank you all for the incredibly kind welcome and the GREAT responses. I’ll try all these places and report back some time soon.

Oh and if you are EVER in NYC I really really recommend Los Tacos No 1. Blew my mind that NYC actually has good tacos (I know right).

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