Where to take chicagoians for dinner beverly hills

Scheduling Dinner for the boss and some lawyers from chicago. Any good suggestions? Was thinking of Spago?


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scarpetta and then 10 pounds for an after dinner scotch.

otherwise, cut.

Hard to go wrong with Spago.

In fact, it’s very easy to go right with Spago (in your circumstance).

Reserve a seat in the atrium, where these warm Autumn nights will probably make those Chicagoans want to lose their plane ticket back home.


Spago is a good choice. Also agree with the atrium.

ok, going to do it now. THANKS!

Maude if you can get in…….They now do tickets. Tock - Reservations - Restaurants, Bars, and Wineries | Tock

……Never mind Maude White Truffle dinner is sold out for November…

Fucking Tanas. Chicagoans seem to love Tanas. But then again maybe not your Cicagoans

tana’s is very gene and georgetti’s. maybe that’s why it appeals to chicagolanders.

Although I have not been to Maude (and believe its great), it seems small and does not have a full bar. I think Spago is going to be a better choice for this group and circumstance.

Tana’s was a good idea! next time.

Maude is one of the best meals I’ve ever had, but it doesn’t matter because they are completely sold out for November anyways.

Best ever ???

No fucking joke ???

High praise.

JGold just reviewed it today though I haven’t had the opportunity to read the fucking review.

Here’s the review…J. Gold “Well done”
This link is a review of this months Apple menu. I was at the wonderful Fig menu in August…


If only I could afford the White Truffle November Menu at Maude. :frowning: One day, LOL.


I have brought guests from out of town to AOC. They love the patio and the food.
I do not recommend a steakhouse as others have suggested. Chicago has many fine steakhouses but I don’t recall dining in a restaurant similar to AOC.

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FYI, they said the food was terrible at Spagos. My boss said he usually likes it, but it was bad last night. lol

wow, oh, well.

maybe tana’s would have fucking worked better.

definitely not as great food, not even close, but lots and lots of red sauce.

and boss and crew would be sloshed and enjoying the carnvialesque, picturesque show and could probably care less.

shit, i’m getting fucking hungry.

Was at Tana’s last night. Wally’s tonight.

Turns out the Chicagoans loved it. I talked to them yesterday. Loved the atrium too. Ha…