Where'd you go to eat, one meal, if you're going to perish tomorrow

its slightly morbid, but hey,

do people call it there death rows meals

An interesting thread from the nom de plume Funtimes

Is this specifically about Los Angeles?

Grilled lamb chop in one hand , with the other reaching into a plethora of seafood , Nebuchadnezzar sized bottle of red wine . No utensils . I don’t know where they would serve this . But it’s my last request .


LA…Nobu or Dan Tana’s

World. . .Taillevent Paris or Merrimans Maui

I like to have a good buzz going of pricey champagne and 98 + rated red & white wine…

Since we’re currently visiting NYC, I’m kinda focused on dim sum at Delight 28 in Chinatown, Italian meats and cheeses at Di Palo’s, and oysters and martinis at Grand Central Oyster Bar.


Whenever I’m in NYC, I can’t wait to eat oysters, chowder and cocktails at the classic old school Grand Central Oyster Bar. . .it never gets old and I love the Croatian/Serbian waiters that love giving each other grief during their shift.
Last time I was there, Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek and stage actor sat next to us.
What a lovely man…

We walked back to our hotel, The Benjamin and don’t believe what you hear that New Yorker’s are rude and flippant…they are some of the most gracious, funny people on the planet…

I think you get back what you give out. I’ve always found NYers to be nice.

During happy hour, at least on Saturdays between 1 and 4, their blue point oysters are a buck. And a couple of Plymouth gin martinis.

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Anywhere Daniel Patterson is cooking. And I’d ask if he’d make his sweetbread ravioli (from his time at Elizabeth Daniel). It’s served under a dome, and when the cover is lifted this warm steam with butter and truffle just bathes your face.

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Wow, that sounds like food porn.

I almost came.

Have a great time in NYC…
Has Campbell Apartment in Grand Central closed yet…so sad

Antiche Carapane in Venice, Italy. My favorite restaurant in the world.

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To dine with loved ones.


Good post. I can’t answer that one right now. I’d keep thinking of places and changing my mind. I’ll think about it and get back to you :wink:.

Your experiences at Grand Central Oyster Bar seem wonderful. I’ve always been curious about the place.

P.S. My sister worked on Star Trek. She loves Patrick Stewart.

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If I’m a cat with nine lives, here are a couple more places that I could dine at before I hit up the ‘dirt nap’…

Hotel Splendido in Portofino
Bloody Mary’s in Bora Bora
Grotta Palazzese in Italy

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Yes please!

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Okay. I got it.

Larsen’s Fish Market in Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard: Eating fresh caught clams, lobsters & oysters, watching the sunset.

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Oh yeah baby doll!!
That’s what I’m talking about!

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