Where's kevin

‘In honor of Kevin’ …WTF!!!
What happened to our beloved F throwing :rocket: lover?
Is he ok?
I LOVE that guy…and that ain’t no f*cking joke!

He is DA man!


Unfortunately he is not posting at this time after being chastised for too much fucking joking.

Well ain’t that a fuckin joke.

@kevin, come back.

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Maybe if Ipse asked him he would???

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Chastised by whom?

Kevin is one of the funniest mother f*ckers, I have ever seen!!!
His prose writing skills are beyond stellar…
Come back Kevin!
Don’t let some tools get to you…it is amazing how well you can put together the F word like no one else I’ve seen.

I bust gut every time I read your posts…with or without a Depends in…and that ain’t no f*cking joke!

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Without Kevin kind of makes this site fucking boring . Get your ass back here.

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i was there last night as well. solid chicken parm. the ceaser salad there never disappoints. cappuccino ice cream. solid all the way around.

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Yep, We did the cap ice cream too.

This is worth making my first post, WHERE THE FUCK IS KEVIN?!


As I understand it Kevin was neither censored nor chastised.
He was very politely informed that posters have complained about his use of profanity and it was suggested that he tone it down a bit - whenever he felt he could do so without compromising his style and free speech - purely out of respect for the community. And I suppose that appears to be what he is doing.

I guess you could call it respectful, or passive-aggressive, depending on your point-of-view
From my point of view, it is a shame. I don’t give a hoot about the profanity. But clearly some of us do; it will be a cleaner but more boring site without him. Enjoy.


Agree on all counts and that is what he has just conveyed to me.

I don’t grovel for no one…except, Kevin!!
Come back babydoll…
Pretty Please with a :cherries: on top!



ciao bob:
i fail to see how it is “passive aggressive” to step back when others have clearly told you that they are not accepting of you.

imho, the bullies prevailed.
i see nothing passive aggressive about it.


It was brought to his attention in a very constructive manner (not by me) that some people on the Site objected to Kevin’s affinity for the word fuck. He was asked if he would try to tone it down or why he liked to use it in prose so the Site could explain to those who complained. Rather than respond, he unfortunately chose wot stop posting. I miss him and wish he would reconsider, but he says he wont. I understand Bob’s choice of terms and I think like you and me, Bob would like Kevin to return (not intending to speak for Bob or you).

That doesn’t sound overly painful, insulting or too large of a compromise to me. I’ve always enjoyed Kevin’s freewheelin’ posts and don’t have a problem w/ his language at all. But I can understand how the abundant “fucks” would get to be too much for some folks.

It’s really too bad that he chose to go away vs making occasional minor adjustments to his language. He has a lot of good information to share and has been a great addition to this community for years—his contributions will be missed by many.

It was me.

And this is exactly what I said to @kevin


As you know, my friend, I am a moderator for FTC.

And in that capacity I’ve received numerous messages about your use of profanity. While I personally have no issue with profanity as long as it is not directed at someone (which you are not guilty of), many posters on FTC have expressed much dismay and antagonism over your posting style.

Square with me. I know for a fact based on your posting history you can be quite eloquent in your prose when you choose to be, and you can do it without resorting to any profanity. But yet you choose to use profanity, regularly.

Can you help me understand where your coming from? This will make it much easier for me to defend your use of profanity on the board.

If you’d rather not share your motivations in this respect, may I ask that you at least tone it down a bit? I am not seeking to chill your speech, but given that everyone on FTC lives in a closed ecosystem a little bit of common courtesy is not only necessary, but sort of expected.

Thanks for understanding.


No need to talk around the elephants in the room.

Have at it. Like all blue people, I have thick skin. So no worries.


It is shame in all respects. Those who just can’t accept kevin’s “style,” for what it is, and kevin’s decision to walk away. kevin reminds me of some of the great notable American writers who also casually spilled out colorful verbage in conversation, but could put pen to paper like few could. If I don’t care for a poster’s style, I just don’t read it and move on.


I thought you handled it very well and told him so and that I thought he was way overreacting. By the way, I think this site has a filter where you can eliminate profanity from a post if you are offended. I think I read that when Robert started it. Could be wrong.

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Thanks for the transparency. Can you run for President?

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Let me be the first to take a dissenting point of view on this thread. I hardly see how the liberal use of the word “fuck” or the phrase “And that ain’t no fucking joke” is analogous to the musings of literary greats. Reminds me of a teenager who learned a new curse word and is insistent on sharing with anyone within earshot.

I appreciate @ipsedixit 's diplomatic response in light of reported complaints.