Which modernist ingredients are in your pantry?

I’ve got:

  • citric acid
  • fructose
  • malic acid
  • sodium citrate
  • tartaric acid

Also a few traditional items that turn up in modernist recipes:

  • ammonium bicarbonate
  • calcium hydroxide
  • diastatic malt
  • non-diastatic malt
  • Tender Quick

Not sure if I would call any of these modernist ingredients or otherwise you have to include tapioca starch, glucose, carrageenan etc. etc.

Not sure what constitutes as a modernist ingredient but I have the following for my ice cream/sorbet:

  • soy lecithin powder
  • tara gum
  • citric acid
  • malic acid
  • dextrose
  • maltodextrin
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They’re all “powders not found in the kitchen of anyone else I know because they’d have no idea what to cook with them.”

I think tapioca starch, glucose, and carageenan are all modernist ingredients. Maybe there’s some crossover with health food supplements.

Sodium citrate - mmmmm melty cheese

Msg - which only counts as ‘weird’ of you aren’t Asian, but that’s dumb and it should be right under salt and pepper in things everyone has on hand to cook with.

Sodium carbonate- aka baked baking soda, which you can make yourself. Excellent for use in homemade pretzels (if you don’t want to deal with actual lye) and for homemade ramen noodles.