Which one restaurant are you most happy that it's close to you?

And what one restaurant do you wish it was closer to you?

I’m happy Desano’s is close by as when we want pizza, that’s our go to spot. Very kid friendly as well so makes it easy.

I wish Raku was closer. Would be eating there way more often if it was more convenient for us.


One of my criteria when moving is no more than 5 minutes away from a McDonalds. That’s how you can tell you’re in BFE - if you’re more than 5 minutes away from a McDonalds.

I wish Summer Rolls was closer than Rosemead.

Lodge Bread. I like that pizza so much.

If I could pick two restaurants, I would add Daikokuya. Or Shunji. Or Gjusta.

I’m not counting Blaze Pizza or Del Taco, but I’m happy those are in the neighborhood.

This is like asking which child or pet you like best! So evil.

Edit to add: I wish Dragon Beaux was up the street from me.

Within a 3-5 minute walk, I have the following: Rustic Canyon, Belcampo, R+D, Father’s Office, Forma, Kreation, Huckleberry, Ingo’s Tasty Diner and more. I win.


If only I could say…
Bestia, or,
chi Spacha or
Best Noodle House, or
Turkey and the Wolf in Irish Channel, New Orleans.

Instead I’ve got the fucked up choices of Sepi’s or the Bel Air Bar and Grill really close.
Shunji’s is the best great option.
Pizzana is close enough. and Sawtelle isn’t that far

Rakuuuuuuuuuu!!! 10 minute walk from my pad.


Happy it’s close: Probably Bestia. Since it’s relatively difficult to get a reservation, most of my dining there has been impromptu. Also nice to be close so many of my favorite bars.

Wish it was closer: Maybe Felix, but let’s go with MB Post. I especially like the vibe on a Saturday afternoon for a late lunch. Felix is awesome, but it’s not as far and there are also other good pasta spots near me.

If I only get to pick one, I’d have to say LSXO.

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Very kid friendly except for the agro sign asking you to watch your stinky kids from running around. They didn’t need to do that.

I wish Takatis, China Red and Song Phat were closer.

I’m glad Ta’eem is close.

I am delighted that Bottlefish is only 5 minutes by car or a short walk. I love their food and service.
I wish that Fishing With Dynamite was closer. Also love their food and service and ambiance, Both serve great oysters and cocktails and are seafood restaurants. FWD has that key lime pie which is so heavenly. Can’t stand that drive to Manhattan Beach.


Curry House and Furaibo because I’m basic like that.

I wish Bludso’s, DeSano, Golden State, Connie & Ted’s, and Chichen Itza were closer.

(Sorry, I’m terrible and can’t pick just one.)

If I were moving to LA, I’d start looking for a place in between Jitlada and Ruen Pair.

lots of new housing in that area actually.

Oh my, don’t I wish. Here at Lake Tahoe there’s a McDs at I-80 and Hwy 89. Following the Truckee River and the lake it’s about 35 miles to Incline Village where there STILL isn’t a McDs. We have two Taco Bells and a Subway.

guess I know where I’m opening up a McD if I ever win the crytocoin lotto.

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There used to be one in Tahoe City, four miles from us, but they wanted to reduce the size of their space and the landlord turned them down. (Or so I heard.) Now there’s a Taco Bell in the much reduced space. Go figure. And actually we’ve had breakfast quesadillas at TB and they weren’t bad at all.

That sign has never bothered me and I get why they put it up. Having said that, I was just there last week and don’t recall seeing it so maybe they took it down?

what are your favorite dishes at Ruen Pair? That’s our go to spot for thai but we always end up ordering the same items. Papaya salad, pork jerky, morning glory, chinese broccoli with crispy pork, whole fried pompano, duck curry (not all dishes every time, but a combination of these).

Haven’t been to Ruen Pair enough times to have favorite dishes, only to know it’s good, especially for someplace open after the bars close.

Brent’s Northridge. About a 15 minute drive, and worth every minute.

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