Which Thai food from which Thai restaurants? (long)

My first chance encounter with Thai food in LA was about 10 years ago while I was driving around Northridge seeking lunch. My Garmin GPS list Lum Ka Naad as a nearby Thai restaurant. I went because among the list, this restaurant does not have the word “Thai” in their name. I ordering Hor Mok Seafood (their most expensive menu item) and was amazed by how some of the most basic seafood items (probably previously frozen) can be made so tasty.

Subsequently, I braved Jitlada base on numerous online reviews. I tried most items on their menu including the sticky bean dish (which wasn’t sticky). I don’t particularly enjoy their un-relentanting high Scoville content of their offerings. But as they say, it was authentic. C’est la vie.
I have also ate at Sanamluange because it was directly across the street from Jumbo’s Clown Room which I visited after watching one of Anthony Borudaines shows on LA. All of Sanamluang’s offerings I ordered were delicious and I first encountered raw shrimp salad there. So tasty.

I have also tried both Night-Market and Issan station. Very different approaches and I enjoyed both.

I also ate at Luv2Eat after reading about it on this post and enjoyed every item ordered.

I also had above average food at Tantawan Thai in Rosemead.

My parking issue with my first Torung dinner attempts was reported previously. I have since found street parking for my lunch outing to Torung. But I must say their food and service was just average and Torung’s menu was in-expensive.

Last week, I drove to and ate at both Red Corner Asia and Thai Patio twice prior to Hollywood Bowl but was totally disappointed by both.
Red Corner Asia’s steamed mixed seafood arrived in aluminum foil and was rather dry and lacked flavors. Their Grilled beef (A16, ordered medium rare) was charred properly but was chewy.
Thai Patio was even worst. Their pat thai with fried tofu was bland (my guest ordered it), lack seasoning and off tasting. while the shrimps in their raw shrimp salad arrived curled up (i.e. semi cooked) and lack the expected lime-chili notes. Was it their “off” day? or a new ‘blend tasting Thai food’ trend?
Now my question : Where and what should I eat at our Thai restaurants next without being disappointed?
Unique and outstanding dishes are especially appreciated.

sticky should read stinky. Blame it on auto-correct.
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Pailin Thai Cuisine: Khao Soi!!!

Siam Sunset: A Thai-Chinese diner attached to a Hollywood No-Tell? Why yes, try the Rice Porridge, Hainan Chicken, and Hoi Thawt.

Sapp Coffeeshop: Boat Noodles and Jade Noodles.

Ruen Pair: Papaya Salad

Sanamalung: Any Noodle dish. Take your pick.

Jitlada: Mos definitely those Mussels!

Mae Tings Coconut Cakes: Coconut Cakes

LAX-C: Krapow Gai.

Pa Ord: Tom Yum Noodles

Pok Pok: LOL!

Really? On one visit? The menu has well over 100 items.

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I like the beef panang at Lax-C. I’d written the LA renditions of the dish off years ago but was happy to find a version there that had some subtlety and was just plain delicious.